Worms WMD 1.13 Update Patch Notes | Brimstone update

A brand-new Worms WMD update is available to download and install on PS4, Xbox One, and PC right now. The Worms WMD Brimstone update will hit the Nintendo Switch soon, too. Despite being available since August 2016, Team17 has decided to treat us all with some free new content in the Worms WMD 1.13 update. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Worms WMD 1.13 update patch notes. Stick with us a little longer and we’ll go through its highlights below.

Worms WMD 1.13 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Worms WMD 1.13 update patch notes

For an update for a three-year-old game, a download size of 3.102 GB might sound a little surprising. Patch 1.13 definitely seems like a worthwhile update, however, as it brings with it some new content and changes, entirely for free. This includes new Brimstone-themed additions such as the new Brimstone map theme, Brimstone hats and gravestones, and the ability to use each and every crafted weapon in schemes.

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New Brimstone Theme

The Brimstone update (version 1.13) brings with it a brand-new map theme to play on: The Brimstone map theme. Along with the new map theme, we’ve got ten Brimstone-themed hats and five Brimstone-themed gravestones now added into the game. All of this is entirely free and available as soon as you install the 1.13 update.

Crafted Weapons Available in Schemes

New Brimstone content isn’t everything that has been added, however. Players can now make use of each and every last one of the Worms WMD crafted weapons in schemes. Head into the Scheme Options section of the game to add any crafted weapons you enjoy into your custom game rules or add them all in the Full Wormage scheme. The Weapons screen during gameplay will double in size, adding in the crafted weapons beneath the regular ones.

Worms WMD 1.13 Update Patch Notes

Worms WMD 1.13 update patch notes

Read through the complete list of Worms WMD 1.13 update patch notes below, courtesy of Team17:

  • A new Brimstone map theme
  • 10 new Brimstone-themed hats
  • 5 Brimstone-themed gravestones
  • ALL crafted weapons are now available in schemes!
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Image credits: Team17.