GTA Online Saving Failed | How to fix

Grand Theft Auto 5 remains one of the biggest games around to this day, primarily thanks to the incredible popularity of the game’s multiplayer component GTA Online. It continues to make Rockstar insane amounts of cash, and so the studio continues to update it regularly, such as with the most recent Diamond Casino and Resort expansion. However, the big problem with GTA Online is that it can occasionally completely fail, such as with the GTA Online saving failed error message. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the GTA Online saving failed error?

As an online-only game, GTA Online is entirely subject to the whims of the internet, in particular to Rockstar’s own servers and services. You’ll need to be part of the Rockstar Social Club in order to connect to GTA5‘s online modes, but sometimes it goes wrong. The “saving failed” error can be a particularly scary issue, as it can happen at any time, whether you’re doing a solo session or not. You’ll get a warning that the servers are down, and a box on the corner of the screen will read, “Saving Failed – unable to connect to the Rockstar game services.” You can still play, but if you log off during this time you may lose money or progress.

Is there any way to fix the GTA Online saving failed issue?

So that’s the issue, but what can you do about it if the problem is on the server side? If possible, the first thing you should do is wait. The servers may just be having a blip, and the error message may go away after a while. Failing that, or if you’re not in a position to wait, log off and wait for the servers to come back online. The game saves all the time, so you should lose too much progress, if any at all. If you’re really worried, try and get the cops on your tail and then lose them, as it may force an autosave once you do that. Otherwise, just be patient.