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Wolfenstein Youngblood Microtransactions | What do Gold Bars do?

Wolfenstein Youngblood is out this week, and not only is it the first multiplayer game in the series since 2009’s Wolfenstein, but also the first co-op-focused game in the franchise. It’s also being sold at a reduced price, only $29.99 for the base edition, and with the way the games market currently is you may expect the game’s publisher Bethesda to insist on a few Wolfenstein Youngblood microtransactions in order to make up the lost revenue. But are there any microtransactions? And if so, what do they do? Let’s have a look.

Are there Wolfenstein Youngblood microtransactions?

With Wolfenstein Youngblood‘s Deluxe Edition, with the generous Buddy Pass that allows anyone to download a free trial copy of the game and play co-op with you, still less than the cost of a full-price game ($39.99), it’s not surprising to learn that yes, Bethesda has added microtransactions to Wolfenstein Youngblood. These microtransactions are called Gold Bars, and run up a range of prices. 500 Gold Bars cost $4.99, 1100 cost $9.99, and 2500 cost $19.99. But what do you get for them?

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What do Gold Bars actually buy?

Now, there will be some confusion regarding these Wolfenstein Youngblood microtransactions and what these Gold Bars actually buy. Last month in an interview with VG247, MachineGames said that Gold Bars would only buy cosmetic items. However, the Steam page for these microtransactions says that they also buy “gear, pep signals, and consumables”. Consumables include armor and XP boosts, and Pep signals are emotes that give potentially fight-winning power-ups, neither of which are cosmetics.

However, we’ve ventured into the game ourselves, and can confirm that the Steam description is inaccurate. Gold bars can only be used to buy alternative weapon and armor skins, and cannot be used to buy consumables, Pep signals, weapon upgrades, or anything else that can actually affect gameplay.