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Wolfenstein Youngblood Stealth | How to sneak your way through

Wolfenstein Youngblood is out this week, and unlike previous games in the series it’s focused almost entirely on co-op gameplay. One of the best features of previous Wolfenstein games is a certain freedom in the way players can approach encounters. Despite having a reputation for being epic shooters filled with amazing combat encounters, it’s actually possible to use stealth to bypass many of these encounters. However, is Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth possible? Let’s have a look.

Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth | Is it possible?

Being a co-op focused game in a shooter series, you honestly could respect the developers for not including any stealth options in Youngblood, despite being able to sneak through most areas in previous recent Wolfenstein games. Stealth requires a lot of patience, and that’s the one thing most people playing multiplayer games lack. However, while it’s not possible all of the time, is still is completely possible to use stealth and sneak through encounters in Youngblood. However, it’s a lot more difficult than previous games, and not just because you may be playing with someone who immediately runs in and shoots the first Nazi he sees with a shotgun to the face.

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Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth | What weapons to choose

Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth rooftop

The first thing you’ll need to consider when using stealth is what equipment to rely on. Quite simply: if you fire a regular gun, stealth is broken. Make sure to only use weapons with suppressors, and if you fire at an enemy, you better make sure to kill them in a few hits. The better option is to sneak up to them and do a takedown, or throw a hatchet at them from afar. Make sure you don’t miss.

Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth | What upgrades to get

If you’re planning on doing a lot of stealth, the first thing you’ll need to upgrade (and purchase) is your Cloak ability. The basic version of the Cloak only makes you invisible for a short time, restricts you to crouching, and only allows you to use a melee weapon. You can upgrade it to remove all these restrictions. You can also get upgrades to make you move faster when crouched and to be able to perform takedowns on tougher enemies, which you should also aim got. As for weapon upgrades, add suppressors and up the headshot damage or accuracy, then all you have to do is just don’t miss.

Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth | How to sneak through areas

Wolfenstein Youngblood stealth sneak

There’s one fact you have to realize before you attempt to do stealth in Wolfenstein Youngblood. You may have been an expert of sneaking through previous games in the series, but Youngblood is far more difficult to do stealth in. For starters, there’s no longer an indicator for Kommandants, the guys who call in constant reinforcements until you kill them. In previous games they were your top priority, now you may not even know they’re there.

The basics about sneaking around are still accurate, such as keeping crouched, using the lean button to check corners, and only using throwing axes or takedowns. There are alternate stealth routes in every location, so keep an eye out for them, and they may even be in the ceiling. If an enemy gets a triangle above their head they’re suspicious but haven’t spotted you yet, so back off quickly or use Cloak.

Cloak is your best friend when it comes to stealth in Youngblood. While temporary, use it often, and remember that it doesn’t have to charge up completely to be used a second time. Beyond that: keep calm, take things slow, avoid tougher enemies if you don’t think you can take them down quietly. The last key point on stealth: don’t reload a checkpoint if you get spotted, because there aren’t any. This is an online co-op game after all…