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Resident Evil Village Stealth: How to avoid enemies and combat

While most titles in the Resident Evil series have been survival horrors rather than shooters, the latest game can be particularly tight on ammo, so a Resident Evil Village stealth option would be useful. Is it even possible to avoid combat encounters in Resident Evil 8, sneak past enemies, or hide from the various creatures that want Ethan dead? Is stealth possible in Resident Evil Village?

Can you use stealth in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village stealth

It is possible to avoid a lot of the combat encounters in Resident Evil Village by using various stealth game tactics such as moving while crouched or avoiding line-of-sight. However, it is difficult to do so.

While Resident Evil Village is not a stealth game, it’s not a shooter either, so outside of boss encounters it rarely forces the player to fight any of the enemies they may find. If the player has not been discovered by an enemy, as long as they keep their distance, stay crouched while moving, and keep out of their direct line-of-sight, they can stealth their way through an area.

If the enemy does spot the player but still they don’t want to engage that enemy, careful use of blocking, running, and putting obstacles between them will work. Enemies won’t follow the player forever. It’s a lot more difficult with the human-sized Lycan creatures in the main village as there aren’t too many places to run, but the bigger enemies will lose interest if the player goes out of sight.

As for the terrifying creature in the dollmaker’s mansion, as all the player’s weapons have been stolen that’s the one time in the game where there’s a prompt to hide under a bed, so make use of that.

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