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Resident Evil Village Get past the werewolf attack: How to open the red door

Early on in Resident Evil Village, Ethan is attacked by a large group of werewolves. These Lycans will keep coming until a big werewolf with a hammer shows up, and it’ll seem like Ethan is pinned. The one escape route seems to be through a red door, but it refuses to open.

Fortunately, there’s a way through the Lycan attack, but it’s easy to panic and die before the right circumstances occur. Here’s how to survive the werewolf attack and open the red door in Resident Evil Village.

How to beat the Lycan attack in Resident Evil Village and unlock the red door

Resident Evil Village beat big werewolf unlock red door

Shortly after arriving in the village, Ethan will enter a house where an old man will give him a pistol. The man doesn’t make it, unfortunately, and Ethan is stuck fighting the werewolves.

This fight starts when Ethan gets bit and has his fingers ripped off. Players will need to circle around back into the house and grab the bolt cutters to get through the gate. Once through, Ethan can head into the barn across from the gate and use the shelves to barracade the door.

When the Lycans start attacking, don’t waste ammo shooting through the windows or door. Just wait until a single werewolf breaks through. Kill it, and the attack will stop for a moment. Once it’s died down, head out the door and follow the blood trail. It’ll lead to another house where some werewolves will stare Ethan down. Get too close, and they’ll attack.

From here, players just need to keep on the run. It’s important to note that Ethan can’t unlock the red door. Trying to open the red door will only get players pinned into a dead end. From our testing, it seems like a timer starts when the Lycans begin spawning. After roughly three minutes, a huge werewolf will spawn carrying a hammer.

After the big Lycan spawns, players need to stay alive for at least another 1-1 1/2 minutes. They don’t have to kill anything; they just have to keep on the move. Eventually, the werewolves will wear players down into the red. At this point, as long as they’ve resisted the attack for long enough, instead of dying with a fatal blow, a cutscene will start where a foe will hit them with an attack that downs them. In one playthrough, Ethan took an arrow to the knee; in another, he got hit and thrown by a Lycan.

After this, players are safe. The werewolves will be chased off, and an old woman will appear to lead Ethan through the red door. One thing to note is that Ethan can kill the huge werewolf. However, unless the player is excellent with the knife, it probably isn’t going to be possible for most until New Game Plus.