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Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins | How to farm money

Wolfenstein Youngblood is out now, and just like previous games in the series it not only gives you the chance to shoot Nazis, but also to collect lots of sparkly treasure too. The treasure, in this case, is the game’s currency Silver Coins, which can be found all over the map and exchanged for various useful items. But what are the best ways to get Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins, and are there any especially good places to farm them? Let’s have a look.

How to farm Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins

You can earn Silver Coins in Wolfenstein Youngblood in several ways, such as:

  • Picked up from the environment, on enemies, or in boxes (few)
  • From special metal crates (50 to 100) and keypad crates give you more
  • By completing missions, side missions, Action objectives, and Abby’s Challenges

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The good news is that all of these respawn, so if you return to an area you can start grabbing coins from all the same places. If you see any loose coins in obvious places, grab them, but otherwise don’t worry too much about getting the little piles. It’s the crates and mission objectives you want, and obviously kill enemies as you go.

Concentrating on completing side missions and the Action objectives (that Abby will give you while out in the city) are the best ways to get Silver Coins fairly quickly, and while you’re doing that keep an eye out for any crates. You can try replaying various missions too, such as the opening zeppelin level, which you should be able to quickly clear once you have some better weapons on you, and scout for coin crates as you go. Otherwise, concentrate on doing smaller missions, challenges, and mini-objectives.

What are Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins best used for?

Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver Coins farm

Silver Coins can be used to buy new appearances for your Power Suit, helmet, Pep Signals, and weapons, as well as weapon upgrades and boosters. The boosters are pointless and the new appearances are optional, so focus on buying the best weapon upgrades first, otherwise you’ll have a tougher time in later enemy encounters. Then you can worry about getting some nicer skins.