Doom 64 PS4 and PC release may be incoming

Now’s a great time to be a Doom fan. Doom Eternal looks promising especially after it got a massive showing at QuakeCon last weekend, showing off great new features such as an in-depth look at the game’s multiplayer Battle Mode. To add to that excitement, Bethesda also announced that the original games would be getting a re-release on modern-day consoles and mobile. But there was one key game missing from the announcement and that’s the Doom game that’s never been re-released outside of its native home on Nintendo 64: Doom 64. And according to ratings board, a Doom 64 PS4 and PC port is incoming.

Thanks to a now-deleted posting on the website of European ratings board PEGI, which was spotted and tweeted out by Gematsu before it was taken down, Doom 64 has apparently been rated for a re-release on PS4 and PC. While Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions weren’t mentioned, Gematsu noted in a follow-up tweet that the recent re-releases of the other games were only marked as for PC and PS4 too, despite both Doom and Doom 2 being on all platforms. Therefore, if there is a re-release of Doom 64 it will almost certainly be on all platforms.

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The description shown reads, “The Demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the Doom episode, your commission is reactivated.” This is a line taken from the Doom 64 manual, which is so specific it would be very unusual for it to be a mistake. However, there is one issue: the release date is marked as July 26, the same release as the other Doom re-releases. Either this whole entry is a mistake and it was meant to be Doom 3, which got re-released but did not get a rating, or Doom 64 was meant to join the other games and got delayed for some reason. Hopefully it won’t take too long, as Doom 64 is one of the few Doom shooters most people have never played.