Box art - Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition Release Date

Rebellion Developments has surprisingly revealed that a Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition is coming out. The game’s release date actually isn’t that far off, and fans of Nintendo’s hybrid console will want to know when it launches. To get the lowdown on when it will be released and what content you’ll get as part of this edition, you’ll want to read on. Check out our Sniper 3 Switch Ultimate Edition guide for more.

Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition | When does it launch?

Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition

Let’s get right into the meat of this Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition announcement. The third-person tactical shooter will be winging its way to Nintendo’s console on Tuesday, October 1. We did say it wouldn’t be long until the title is released, and this proves it. You’ll only have to wait two months to get your hands on it, which isn’t too bad at all.

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The game will become the latest in a growing list of third-party titles that have been ported to the Switch too. It’s nice to see Nintendo’s console being given these games, especially for people who might have missed it when it was originally released five years ago.

Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition | Content and controller support

Sniper Elite 3 Switch Ultimate Edition

Now that the release date is out of the way, we can run the rule over what comes as part of this Ultimate Edition. The name gives it away, but you’ll have every single piece of content that’s ever been released for Sniper Elite 3.

That includes the main campaign, local co-op and multiplayer support, and four extra campaign levels. Two of those extra missions see players foil an assassination attempt on Winston Churchill, and try to eliminate Hitler too.

The Ultimate Edition will also support motion controls for your Joy-Cons, as well as Nintendo Switch Pro controller support. Whichever way you want to play, Rebellion has got you covered.