Which Madden 20 players are ranked 99 overall?

The Madden series is one of EA Sports longest running franchises and is known for releasing annual games with updated rosters, game modes, and more. Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the annual games are the roster ratings, where fans can see how EA has rated their favorite, or least favorite, players. Every year, a few Madden 20 players are handed a 99 overall rating, the highest honor that EA can give players. Let’s take a look at which Madden 20 players are ranked 99 overall ahead of the games August 2 release date.

Madden 20 Players | The four 99 overall ranked players

Madden 20 players

There are four Madden 20 players that have earned the prestigious 99 overall ranking. The players are DeAndre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, Bobby Wagner, and Aaron Donald. Each of these players have different individual ranking factors that will earn them the coveted 99 overall ranking. All of these players are guys you’re going to want to have in your lineup, as they can each make game changing plays at any given time.

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DeAndre Hopkins is a WR for the Texans and a major offensive threat. Hopkins has a 99 overall rating in Catching, Jumping, Spectacular Catch, Catch in Traffic, and Release. Needless to say, he is going to be a beast in the game and will likely be impossible to stop. Khalil Mack is a LOLB for the Chicago Bears and will liven up your defensive line. Mack joins the 99 overall club with a 94 Jumping and Tackle rating, a 95 Pursuit rating, and a 97 Power Moves rating. If you loose sight of him, it’s likely that the ball will end up in his hands.

Along with Hopkins and Mack, Bobby Wagner will be joining the 99 club in Madden 20. Wagner is a MLB for the Seattle Seahawks and is not a guy who will miss a tackle. With a 98 Hit Power rating and a 99 Tackle and Pursuit rating, you’ll want to get ready to dive for the ball, because there is a good chance he will be forcing a fumble. Wrapping up the Madden 20 99 Overalls is Aaron Donald, a RE for the Los Angeles Rams. Donald is an elite pass rusher who will likely have QBs scrambling out of the pocket. He comes equipped with a 96 Finesse Moves rating, a 97 Block Shedding rating, a 98 Pursuit rating, and a 99 Power Moves and Strength rating.

These four Madden 20 players will be serious game changers when the game releases in a few days. If you have the chance to pick one of them up, make sure you do.