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Dishonored Bone Charm List And Ratings

Bone Charm List And Ratings

There are currently 36 (+3 DLC) Bone Charms (not 35 Bone Charms as the official guide states). They are essentially weaker but passive versions of Runes that Corvo can find throughout Dunwall. Like passive plasmids in Bioshock, they give Corvo various boosts and minor upgrades. At the start of the game, Corvo starts with three slots available for Bone Charms but that can build up to six slots with upgrades from Piero's Workshop.

Also important to know is that there are only 26 locations where Bone Charms will spawn, so which Bone Charms that will ultimately be in your playthrough is completely randomized.

Note that some of the Bone Charms are more effective when they are switched in but then but aside later. One example is Water of Life, which grants Corvo health every time he drinks from a sink but doesn't do anything outside of that instance.

Below is a list of all of the Bone Charms available as well as my personal ratings for each of them. Of course, feel free to follow those ratings or not. Certain Bone Charms are far more important in a non-lethal playthrough than a lethal playthrough, or vice versa.

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Rune Name                                     Description (Rating)
Acrobat "You climb slightly faster." This isn't that useful, though it does help in escapes. Most of the time whenever Corvo climbs, it's done in safety, and he has Blink at his disposal in case he needs to climb quickly. (2/5)
Albinos "You encounter white rats slightly more often." This is really only useful when pairing it with the Welcoming Host Bone Charm which allows Corvo to possess white rats for longer. Otherwise, it makes little difference. (1/5)
Blood Ox Heart "Your maximum mana is slightly increased." More mana means more magical abilities and higher recovery from Piero's Spiritual Elixirs. If Corvo has an extra slot for a Bone Charm, this is a worthy selection. (4/5)
Carrion Killer "Killing rats gives some adrenaline." If you're shooting for a lethal playthrough, then any boost to adrenaline is worth it. In particular, you can combine this with Devouring Swarm to increase adrenaline at any time. (4/5)
Clockwork Malfunction "Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explore." Enemies don't usually throw grenades, and if they are, then you're probably in deep water as it is. (1.5/5)
Falling Star "Drop assassinations give a bit of mana." The opportunities to perform drop assassinations are few, but any Bone Charm that gives back mana is all right. (2.5/5)
Fleet Fighter "Having your weapons out doesn't slw you down." This allows you to have your weapons out the entire time without any penalty. (4/5)
Golden Touch "The value of all precious items is increased slightly." This is perfect as an idle Bone Charm that you can switch in whenever there are paintings, kurst pearls, and sextants lying around. It's extra coins... for free! (4.5/5)
Gutter Feast "White rats can be consumed for mana." It's surely gruesome, but I suppose a source of mana is a source of mana. (3/5)
Healthy Appetite I "Food heals you slightly more." This is another ready-to-switch Bone Charm whenever you find food. That said, you usually don't need use this Charm since there's enough healing available to fill the health bar. (3.5/5)
Healthy Appetite II "Food heals you moderately more." Like Health Appetite I but slightly stronger. (3.5/5)
Plague Affinity "Getting damaged by weepers gives a small amount of mana." Why would you want to get hurt by anything is beyond me, even for mana. Weepers are extremely easy to dispatch, so it's just embarrassing if you get by one. (0.5/5)
Plague Resistant "Weepers inflict slightly less damage." Again, if you're getting hit by weepers, it's better to get more skilled with either combat or stealth. (0.5/5)
Rat Scent "Rats attack you only when you walk close to them." There's usually a method to get around swarms of rats instead of using this Bone Charm. (1.5/5)
Reinforced Bolts "Crossbow bolt have less chance to break." Crossbow bolts are quite plentiful and cheap to purchase. However, it's good to recycle. Go green and all that. (2.5/5)
Robust I "Potions give you slightly more health." This increases the effectiveness of Sokolov's Health Elixir, which is neat to have but is slightly unnecessary. (4/5)
Robust II "Potions give you moderately more health." The boost in health recovery for this is substantial enough that you'll want this equipped most of the time. (4.5/5)
Scavenger "You find ammo in greater amounts." If you're playing the game lethally, then this is Bone Charm that you'll want to equip almost permanently. (4/5)
Spirit Water "Drinking from faucets recharges a small amount of mana." Like the Water of Life Bone Charm, this is an amazing switch-in Bone Charm that turns every sink into free mana potions. Combined with Water of Life, this is among the best Bone Charms in the game, particularly because you switch it out after you're done with it. (5/5)
Spirited I "Potions give you slightly more mana." Mana is far more useful than health as it allows for more possibilities to keep you alive than health alone. This increases the effectiveness of the Piero's Spiritual Remedy somewhat. (4/5)
Spirited II "Potions give you moderately more mana." This enhances Piero's Spiritual Remedy extremely well and is worth a permanent slot as a Bone Charm for any build. (5/5)
Spiritual Pool "You regenerate mana slightly faster." Only a few abilities leave behind regenerable mana and, if you're patient enough, the mana will regenerate. Of course, during combat, you may want this Bone Charm but there are better alternatives. (3/5)
Strong Arms "Choking is faster." For difficult non-lethal playthroughs, this Bone Charm is a godsend. Choking out a guard can take a long time, where another guard might catch you, and this reduces the time necessary to do so. (4.5/5)
Sustained Rage "Your adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down." For lethal playthroughs, having adrenaline last longer is worth the slot for instant kills. (3.5/5)
Swift Shadow "You move slightly faster while in stealth." For non-lethal playthroughs (and stealthy lethal ones), movement speed is everything. Being slightly faster in stealth means that Corvo has more leeway in catching a guard off-guard, so to speak. (4.5/5)
Throwing Hand "You throw carried objects slightly faster." The usefulness of throwing objects isn't that strong, but it does make the option more viable. (2/5)
Tough Skin "Your maximum health is slightly increased." This is a solid all-around selection for a Bone Charm in case you have nothing else available. (3.5/5)
Twist of Fortune I "Very rarely, potions give you a lot of mana." The certainty of the Spirited Bone Charms makes them much better than this. (2/5)
Twist of Fortune II "Rarely, potions give you a lot of mana." Like the weaker version, the Spirited Bone Charms are still better than a random chance. (2/5)
Undertaker "You move slightly faster while carrying corpses." This isn't that necessary, though movement speed is important. You can use Blink to travel long distances if you need to, instead of merely moving slowly. (2.5/5)
Unnerving Target I "Enemies have a slight chance to miss you with guns." Aggressive playthroughs will have guards that use their pistol against you, but with all your supernatural powers, it should be easy to evade. Still, it's worth a slot if there's nothing else to equip. (3/5)
Unnerving Target II "Enemies have a moderate chance to miss you with guns." The higher probability of this Bone Charm makes it worth the slot even more. (3.5/5)
Vengeance "Getting damaged gives you a small amount of adrenaline." This is a great revenge-based Bone Charm that's perfect for lethal playthroughs where you'll likely be damaged anyway. (4/5)
Void Channel (Pre-order DLC) "Powers effects slightly improved." This is a great all-around Bone Charm for any build. The Outsider would be proud. (4.5/5)
Water of Life "Drinking from fountains recharges a small amount of health." This is another great switch-out Bone Charm where sinks become free Sokolov Health Elixirs. (4/5)
Welcoming Host "You can possess white rats for longer." Possession doesn't really need a longer duration since you'll be possessing rats mainly to get through rat tunnels. And the specificity of having to possess white rats is rather arbitrary. (1/5)
Whirlwind I "You swing your sword slightly faster." For lethal playthroughs, this is close to being a must-have. This allows you to have better counters and more attacks. (4/5)
Whirlwind II "You swing your sword moderately faster." Like its weaker version, this is incredibly important for lethal playthroughs. Equip it as soon as you can. (4.5/5)
White Rats Friend (Pre-order DLC) "White rats won't attack you." Well, if the other colored rats attack you, how useful is this? (0.5/5)