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What’s special about the Fire Emblem Three Houses Enlightened One class?

Enlightened One is a unique class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that becomes available around halfway through the game. This is a special class that you’ll gain as part of the game’s story, and it might come as a shock the first time you notice it. In fact, it might throw a serious wrench in the works if you put a lot of planning into a particular class line for an important character.

How do you unlock the Enlightened One class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

You’ll unlock the Enlightened One class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses at the beginning of Chapter 11. As a result of certain happenings in the story Byleth, the main character, automatically switches jobs and becomes the only character with access to the Enlightened One class.

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Since the Enlightened One class has such special requirements, no other characters in the game will gain access to it. It’s a purely unique job, and there’s no special seals or methods for unlocking it for your allies.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Enlightened One class stats and skills

Fire Emblem Three Houses Enlightened One Stats

The Enlightened One class is quite useful at the point you unlock it in the game. Unless you’ve put a ton of effort into growing Byleth, then they’re likely still in an Intermediate Class in Chapter 11. The Enlightened One class is roughly equivalent to an Advanced Class, and its stat boosts and skills will increase Byleth’s power.

The Enlightened One class has some decent skills:

  • Swordfaire: Might +5 when a sword is equipped.
  • Terrain Resistance: Nullifies environmental damage.
  • Class Mastery: Sacred Power: Adjacent allies deal extra damage and take less damage during combat.

It’s worth mastering the Enlightened One class for Sacred Power. It’s a very useful skill that works well when used with any class. For the most part, though, this class is very generic feeling. You do get some decent skill experience bonuses which you can see below:

  • Authority +3
  • Brawl +2
  • Faith +3
  • Sword +3

Should I keep Byleth as an Enlightened One?

Unfortunately, the Enlightened One class doesn’t give access to any other unique jobs later on. This means it’s sort of a dead end for Byleth. As most Master Classes emphasize lance and riding, you’ll likely have to move to an Advanced Class to train to move up.

Once you hit part two of the story and you master the Enlightened One class, it’s a good time to start thinking about switching to another class. That way, you can keep your character’s growth moving forward.