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Madden 20 Story Mode | Where is Devin Wade?

The Madden series has been around for a long time and has evolved a lot over the years. One recent new feature that players began to enjoy was the Story Mode. This is a relatively new addition to the series, with the first-ever Story Mode releasing two games ago in Madden 18. The Story Mode followed a made-up player named Devin Wade and his journey to be an NFL quarterback. Players seem to have gotten attached to Wade and are wondering why he isn’t in the Madden 20 Story Mode.

Is Devin Wade in the Madden 20 Story Mode

Madden 20 Story Mode

Devin Wade is an up and coming NFL quarterback who has appeared in the past two Madden games. Players who have been with the series for the past few years have gotten to play as Wade, watch him grow up, and help him chase his dream. Now that Madden 20 is out, some are wondering, where is Devin Wade?

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Instead of continuing on Wade’s story from the previous games, EA has decided to pivot and start a different storyline. The new Madden 20 Story Mode is called ‘Face of the Franchise’ and allows players to create their own player. In the new Story Mode, players will choose a college, where they expect to be the star player. However, after a new player gets signed, you’ll find yourself benched until the final game of your career, where you’ll get the chance to show what you’ve got.

Somehow, this results in you getting scouted by the NFL and players must navigate interviews and combines with NFL scouts until you are eventually picked up by a team. While a fresh story is always nice, a lot of players really enjoyed the Devin Wade story and would have liked to continue it in some form or fashion. However, it seems Wade is off doing his own thing and it’s time for a new player to rise to the top.