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Days Gone Dead Don’t Ride | What is the latest Bike Challenge?

There is a new challenge for Days Gone players which will force them to deliver passengers on a golf cart, all while trying to save as much time as possible. The Days Gone Dead Don’t Ride challenge will task player will giving passengers rides in exchange for XP. The faster you deliver the passengers, the more XP you’ll earn. Here is everything you need to know about the latest Bike Challenge in Days Gone.

What is the Days Gone Dead Don’t Ride Challenge?

Days Gone Dead Don’t Ride

As we said earlier, the Days Gone Dead Don’t Ride challenge is sort of like the game’s version of Uber. Players will be tasked with delivering 36 passengers to their desired location, all while trying to maintain a high passenger rating. The better the rating you get, the happier you’re riders will be. Additionally, the faster you get the passengers delivered, the more XP you’ll earn.

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The PlayStation Blog has offered players a few tips to help them complete the Dead Don’t Ride Challenge. For starters, you’ll want to park as close to your passengers as possible, but make sure you don’t run them over. The closer you park, the better your score. Each passenger will also have a different level of difficulty, meaning it’ll be hard to get them to their desired location. A yellow pick up ring means it’s an easy delivery, orange means it’s a medium difficulty, and red means it’ll be hard. It may be tempting to only do yellow and orange drop-offs, but doing the harder difficulty drops will be more rewarding!

The final thing to note is that your passengers won’t mind if you run over Swarmers, in fact, they favor it. For each Swarmer you run over, you’ll be given an additional two seconds on the challenge clock. Once you’ve dropped off all of the passengers, players will be awarded 2,000 XP for every second left on the clock, so you’ll likely want to aim for a few Swarmers to earn more XP.