Days Gone DLC announced, including free ultra-hard Survival mode

Days Gone DLC has just been announced, with Bend Studio choosing to add more features a couple of months down the line, including a new difficulty setting: Survival mode. Not only that, but there’s the promise of weekly challenges to help increase the longevity of the single-player campaign. Refreshingly, all current Days Gone DLC launching in June will be free.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog by Bend Studio’s Jeff Ross, June sees the start of brand-new content being added to the biker game weekly. According to the developers, either a new Bike Challenge, Horde Challenge, or Combat Challenge will test the might of players every seven days.

Not much is known about these challenges other than the fact that they’ll take “key gameplay features of Days Gone, and twists them in unique ways to earn additional items and rewards,” with the studio outlining that more info will be forthcoming nearer the June release date. For your efforts, you’ll be given new Trophies and bike skins to show off.

But that’s not all. For those of you who like your Freakers to have just a bit more bite, you’ll be pleased to know that Survival mode is also on its way in June. Promising “[I]ncreased difficulty settings, no fast travel or Survival Vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen,” this slice of Days Gone DLC might just be the definitive experience once you’ve finished your first ride on the lonely roads of the Pacific Northwest.

As of yet, nothing has been announced for any meatier, more extensive Days Gone DLC, but Bend Studio setting out its stall early with a wide array of free content just weeks after its release date is a move that will please many. Here’s hoping it’s a formula that other single-player titles will follow in future, if only to ensure their replayability in a live-service world.