Sony PSX 2019 | Will there be a PlayStation Experience this year?

With Sony electing to skip out on E3 2019 and the PS5 set to release in Q4 2020, people are beginning to wonder what Sony has planned for its newest gaming console. A lot of fans are wondering if skipping out on E3 means that Sony will be bringing back the PlayStation Experience in 2019. Also known as PSX, a lot of Sony fans figured that the gaming giant was skipping out on E3 to hold its own Sony PSX 2019. However, as we head into Q3 2019, Sony has remained rather quiet on the subject. This has a lot of fans wondering if there will be a PlayStation Experience this year.

Sony PSX 2019 | What are Sony’s plans for the rest of 2019?

It’s no secret that Sony has been rather cryptic this year, keeping details about the PS5 close to its chest, along with information surrounding some of its upcoming games pretty quiet. It seems that Sony is building up to something, but the question is, what is the end goal? At the time of writing, Sony has made no official mention of PSX 2019. There are lots of people speculating that Sony will bring back its PlayStation Experience event, but the fact that there has been no mention of it is a little alarming.

It’s possible that Sony could be holding out for an event in 2020, where it will unload tons of information about its upcoming exclusives and consoles, but no one really knows. However, this seems unlikely due to Project Scarlett and Google Stadia. The longer Sony stays quiet, the more hype Microsoft and Google can build around its upcoming platforms.

Sony skipped its PSX event in 2018 due to a lack of announcements. However, after skipping E3 2019 with a new gaming platform on the horizon, it seems that there would be plenty to talk about this year. However, it remains to be seen if there will be a Sony PSX 2019, or if Sony will hold out until 2020.