Box art - Death Dome

Death Dome iPhone Cheats


Free Diamonds

Free diamonds can be yours, so long as you complete a variety of real world objectives, such as...

Become a fan of Death Dome on Facebook: 2 Diamonds

Sign up for Netflix: 340 Diamonds

Sign up for AARP: 163 Diamonds

Subscribe to Disney Movie Club: 408 Diamonds

Use Revives

A Revive tops off your health, shield and keeps your accumulated Skulls safe and sound, at least until you die again. It's a smart idea to keep some Revives handy cause in case You die all of your earnings will be lost.

5 Revives: 25 Diamonds

10 Revives: 45 Diamonds

25 Revives: 100 Diamonds

50 Revives: 175 Diamonds

150 Revives: 375 Diamonds


Return each day to score free loot, be it Skulls, an Armor Bonus, Damage Bonus, Critical Bonus or the best gift of all, free Diamonds.

Before a fight begins, you get a few seconds to uncover hidden loot by tapping areas on the screen.

Tapping an icon reveals more information about it.

Time your defense perfectly to leave an enemy vulnerable and open to attack.

Show no mercy. Finish a fight strong to gain bonus XP.

Look for red rings on an enemy to perform a stab attack.

Buy the Skull Doubler to permanently double your Skull income.

Perfect defenses give the most Flux.

Each mutant in Death Dome has a signature attack style, and will often repeat the same patterns during a fight.

Mutants are susceptible to different properties, be it fire, poison, shock, etc. If you know this going in, definitely equip the weapon that carries the right symbol.