Vigor Free Weekend | How to play the Vigor Game Preview

The upcoming free to play game Vigor, is getting a free to play weekend. Confusing, right? The Vigor Free Weekend is more of a preview event than a free to play event, since the game will be free at launch. This Event is exclusive to Xbox, as the game is currently only planning to release on Xbox, and hasn’t confirmed or denied a PlayStation release in the future. During the preview event, developers are offering players a chance to score some exclusive items that will only be available during the Vigor Game Preview. Here is everything you need to know about the Vigor Game Preview Event on Xbox One.

Vigor Free Weekend | Dates, Founder’s Pack, and more

Vigor Free Weekend

The Free Weekend Event for Vigor will be taking place this weekend, August 8-11. This will serve as a preview event of sorts, that will allow players to sample the game before it launches later this summer. Players will be able to take part in the Game Preview Event for two hours, before they will be locked out. However, if they are enjoying the game and would like to continue, then they can purchase the Founder’s Pack.

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This will offer players immediate access to the game, along with some in-game rewards that will be exclusive to the Xbox Preview Event and won’t be available once the Free Weekend is over. The Founder’s Pack will cost $20 and will give players access to post war Norway, an Outlander Uniform, a Vigor Baseball Cap, a Dust Off Hand Gesture, and $40 worth of in-game currency. However, this is merely optional and is mostly an opportunity to support the developers since the game is coming later in the summer for free.

Additionally, developers just finished the .9 update, which improved the overall shooting experience, added challenges, customization options, a store, and more. All of this is combining for the perfect opportunity to hop in and try out the Vigor Free Weekend.