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Madden 20 High Pass | How to throw a lob pass on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

There are a couple of different passes players can make in Madden 20The pass you make will likely depend on the route that your receivers are running. For example, if you’re receivers are streaking down the field, you’re going to want to throw them a lob pass. Also known as a high pass, this is an essential control in Madden 20, because if you throw them a bullet pass, you’ll risk the pass getting picked off or under-throwing the receiver. Let’s take a look at how to throw a Madden 20 high pass on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Madden 20 High Pass | How to throw a lob pass

There are lots of controls in Madden 20; some are super simple and some can be rather complicated. Thankfully, learning how to pass is rather simple and won’t cause too much trouble. The biggest learning curve will come while trying to decide when to pass the ball, so you can hit your receiver while they are open. However, this will just take good old trial and error.

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If you’ve got the perfect play drawn up to burn the defender as your receiver streaks down the field, you’re going to need to hit your receiver with a high pass. You can do this by tapping the receiver’s corresponding button. The key here is you need to tap the button, not press the button. If you hold down the corresponding receiver button on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, then you’ll throw a direct pass and might end up handing the other team a pick-six.

Throwing the Madden 20 high pass isn’t too hard, but getting the timing down could be a bit tricky. You’ll want to be watching your receiver and throw the lob pass the second that you see them break away from their defender. If you don’t time it right, then it’ll be hard for your receiver to complete the catch.