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Apex Legends Solos LTM | When does the Solo Mode release?

Respawn took to Twitter to announce that Solos would be coming to Apex Legends for a limited time next week. Apex Legends Solos has been highly requested by fans but has not appeared in the game since its release earlier this year. It seems Respawn has finally decided to give in to the demand of fans and add Solos to Apex LegendsFor now, it is only a limited-time mode, so a lot of fans are wondering when the Apex Legends Solo Mode will release so that they can play it as soon as it’s available.

Apex Legends Solos | Are Solos coming to Apex Legends?

After the surprise announcement from Respawn about the Apex Legends Solo Mode, fans have begun to get excited and now have the chance to show that they have what it takes to beat everyone in the lobby on their own. Unfortunately, the Solos Mode is a limited-time event and won’t be in the game forever. If it is successful, it’s possible it could continue to return as an LTM or even be put in the game permanently. However, for now, it will only be available for a select period of time.

A trailer for the new Apex Legends Solo Mode dropped on Twitter alongside the announcement. As you can see in the video above, Solos will be releasing on August 13 and will run until August 27. This means that players will have two weeks to try out Solos and proclaim their dominance.

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It’s a bit surprising that it has taken this long for Solos to come to Apex Legends. Its rivals, Fortnite and PUBGhave had Solos since launch and make it a core feature of the game. Better late than never, right? It’s nice to see Respawn giving fans what they want and allowing them to have a chance to own the spotlight.