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Contract Killer 2 iPhone Cheats


Earn Free Credits

Interested in signing up for the Glu Mobile newsletter? Ready to join the ranks of the AARP? You stand to earn a few hundred credits, depending on how far you're willing to go. Options include...

Sign Up For Netflix: 255 Credits

Sign Up For Gamefly: 306 Credits

Free Credit Score: 35 Credits

Subscribe To Disney Movie Club: 306 Credits


Unlock new locations, contracts and cool items each time you level up.

Earn special time bonuses by completing contracts faster.

Assault contracts can be identified by a skull icon at the top center of the contract description.

Sniper contracts can be identified by a crosshairs icon at the top center of the contract description.

Melee weapons and armor have limited durability. Monitor their durability in the inventory screen.

An on screen message will be displayed if your armor of melee weapon is destroyed.

If your tactical knife, brass knuckles, shocker or garotte melee weapon is destroyed you will automatically switch to the neck breaker attack.

Watch out for enemy snipers. They will hunt you with laser designators and have lethal accuracy.

Heavily armored Rocketeers and Minigunners are immune to throwing knives and flashbangs. Upgrade your weapons to deal with these units.

Equip silencers on your weapon to kill enemies without detection. Silencers also improve your critical hit chances.

Upgrade primary and backup weapons with scopes to gain accuracy and range bonuses.

Increase ammo capacity in primary and backup weapons with magazine upgrades.

Try as much as you can to perform stealth kills without alerting guards. To do this, you'll need to be within range of an enemy. You'll know Jack is in position if a circle appears over the victim. From there, tap this circle when the tiny spinning ball passes over the yellow mark, then watch Jack pulverize or strangle his way to a bonus melee reward, but it goes beyond cash and XP. The sneakier Jack is, the longer you preserve his health, since doing this won't attract unwanted attention.

Complete in-game achievements to score cash, valuable XP that goes towards unlocking new weapons/equipment and the coolest prize of all, free credits.