Android 10 Release Date | When is Android Q launching?

The Android 10 release date is drawing nearer. There have been numerous beta tests for the next iteration of Android’s operating system, but you may still be in the dark about when it will be available to download and install. If you want to know when Android Q will be launching, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Android 10 release date guide to find out more about these beta tests and its launch day.

Android 10 Release Date | When is Android Q available?

Android 10 Release Date


Let’s waste no time in diving into the Android 10 release date. Android Q, which is Android 10’s official name, will be the tenth major release by the company and its 17th version overall. It makes sense why they went with Android Q, then, when you take into account those two confusing numbers.

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In terms of beta tests, there have been five since March 2019. The latest beta allowed Android to iron out the last of the bugs that testers had found and, interestingly, ensure that a popular mobile game runs perfectly on it too.

According to reports, Pokemon Go is fully operational on Android Q. The game’s latest update, which occurred on August 6, allows the app to work on Android Q. This is a big win for Android as they won’t run into an angry mob who potentially couldn’t play the game once Android 10 is released later this year.

Right, onto its release date. There are no more beta tests planned for Android Q, which means its launch date must be close. If Android’s developers are happy with how it functions on the Google Pixel, Samsung phones, and mobile devices others, the team should release it very soon.

According to a recent AMA on Reddit, the developers are targeting a Q3 release for Android 10. That means it’s extremely likely that it’ll become available to download as early as September. It could rival iOS 13’s release around a similar time too, which would make for another interesting battle between the two companies.