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Fallout 76 Update Patch 12 | Display cases, changes to the Capitol Courthouse

Fallout 76 update patch 12 is coming later this month and Bethesda just shared some of the improvements and additions it is going to deploy. The key highlight of this patch is the new Display Case system, perfect for bragging about your achievements during your journey in the Wasteland. The Charleston Capitol Courthouse interior is also being the subject of a revamp.

Fallout 76 Update Patch 12 | Patch highlights

Fallout 76 update patch 12

Taking your word for your tall tales in the Wastelands is one thing, but other is to truly show your brand-new gear and conquests as proof. The Fallout 76 update patch 12 will add the Display Cases, allowing you to customize your C.A.M.P. to your own personal style. With an assorted display of racks, cases and stands, you will have plenty of room to showcase your weapons, magazines, bobbleheads and all the junk that is cluttering your inventory.

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To build a Display Case you must go to new “Displays” tab located in the C.A.M.P. build menu. Then it’s a matter of selecting between the available racks, stands, and cases. You can have a maximum of 30 individual Display Cases, with each one having a limited number of item slots.

You can add items to your Display Case in the same way that you do with a Vending Machine or a Fermenter. It’s a simple matter of assigning items directly from your stash and these will appear for every player to admire. To make things easier to grasp, the items that you place on display will remain in your Stash, but a small trophy icon will pop up so that you know exactly what you are showing off.

The Charleston Capitol Courthouse layout and interior are being revamped to better fit the Key to the Past questline. One of the big changes is the division of the main Capitol Building and its Courthouse wing into two separate cells, in a bid to effectively adjust the difficulty of the enemy spawns in these areas. These changes should provide a richer experience for players going through this quest.

Fallout 76 Update Patch 12 | More caps for everyone

Fallout 76 patch 12 capitol caps

The Fallout 76 update patch 12 will raise the current limit of 25,000 Caps per character to the new maximum of 30,000 Caps per character, so that you keep hold of the currency that you need for the expensive items you wish to purchase.

Other improvements include a change to the way that you enter furniture, play instruments, or drink from an open water source. You’ll have to hold down the “Activate” button so that you don’t accidentally start one of these actions. Many balance changes are coming to weapons and items, which Bethesda will reveal when the full patch notes are released.