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Control Digital Deluxe Edition | All Deluxe versions pre-order guide

If you’re weighing up whether to buy the Control Digital Deluxe edition, allow us to help you make a decision. You’ll get bonus content if you pre-order this version, but there are others that might be just as good if you’re counting your coins. Let us tell you the differences between the standard and deluxe editions for PS4 and Xbox One, and PC if nothing else. Check out our Control Digital Deluxe edition guide for all of the details.

Control Digital Deluxe Edition | Standard edition

Control Digital Deluxe Edition

Let’s explain what the standard editions are first. That’s not a typo, either, as there are two different standard versions. There’s the retail one and the digital one, and there are indeed differences between the pair.

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If you pre-order either of the standard editions, you’ll earn yourself a couple of freebies. These are the Tactical Response Gear skin and a Crafting Resources Pack. The extra outfit is slightly different from the one that Jesse usually wears in-game but looks cool nonetheless. Meanwhile, the Crafting Resources Pack will give you resources that you can, well, craft new things with.

The differences begin to show when you take the PS4, Xbox One, and PC ports into consideration. If you pre-purchase the game for Sony’s home console, you’ll get extra stuff that you won’t on PC or Xbox One.

On PS4, you’ll get a Rare Service Weapon mod and a Rare Player mod that will let you upgrade Jesse’s gun and supernatural abilities. You’ll also be handed an exclusive outfit called the Astral Dive Suit, and two PS4 exclusive themes to adorn your homepage with. These are known as The Explorer and Black Rock Quarry static themes, so use them to customize your PS4 start-up page if you like.

Finally, the PS4 Digital Standard Edition gets two other bonuses as PSN exclusives: A Control Avatar and the Shifting Place dynamic theme.

Control Digital Deluxe Edition | Retail Exclusive version

Control Digital Deluxe Edition

This is where things get a little confusing, so we’ll keep the Retail Exclusive edition separate from the Digital Deluxe one.

If you pre-order the Retail Exclusive edition on Xbox One or PC, you’ll get the Tactical Response Gear outfit, Crafting Resources Pack, and two other extras. You’ll be given five Artcards as a thank you for pre-purchasing Control, and a special FuturePak Metal Packaging case that the game comes enclosed in.

If you pre-order this version on PS4, however, you’ll get everything that Xbox One and PC players will as well as the PS4 exclusives we detailed in the Standard editions. To refresh your memory, that’s the Weapon and Player mods, Astral Dive Suit, and two homepage themes.

Control Digital Deluxe Edition | Differences to Retail Exclusive

Control Digital Deluxe Edition

Let’s look at what the Control Digital Deluxe version will get you. Firstly, this is a PS4 exclusive edition. You can’t buy it on Xbox One or PC so, if you don’t own a PS4, you can’t get your hands on it.

If you do, allow us to detail what comes with it. You’ll be rewarded with the Tactical Response Gear skin, Crafting Resources Pack, Shifting Place theme, Control Avatar, Weapon and Player mods, Astral Dive Suit, and the two static themes.

That’s not all though. You will also get access to a PS4 exclusive mission called “Isolation” and one final skin. This extra outfit is called the Urban Explorer and looks much brighter and more colorful than Jesse’s other clothes.

Finally, you’ll get the game’s two post-launch expansions called “The Foundation” and “Awe” for free as you’ll already have bought the Expansion Pass as part of this edition. Everyone else will have to buy them separately, so bask in the knowledge that you won’t.