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DC Universe Online Crossplay | Can Switch owners play with PS4, PC and Xbox?

DC Universe Onlinethe MMO based on the worlds of DC Comics, has been running for an impressive eight years, and has spread to multiple systems. These platforms include PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the list has just expanded to include Nintendo Switch, which launched earlier this week. Since these games don’t require any particular quick reactions, and as an MMO the game needs as many players as possible, is there DC Universe Online crossplay support? Can users on the new Switch version of DCUO play with other platforms? If not, can any of the game’s platforms play together? Let’s have a look.

DC Universe Online crossplay | Can Switch owners play with other systems?

As with any MMO launching in a new market, it can take time to gain an audience, and for an MMO that can be fatal. MMOs are meant to be played by many players at once (it’s in the genre’s name), so if there’s just a few people running around it quickly breaks the immersion and makes the game seem like a ghost town. Having crossplay with other systems alleviates this issue.

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DC Universe Online may be safe from that struggle with such a big license behind it, but it’ll have to do it without the support of players from other systems. DC Universe Online on Switch runs on a completely separate server from the other platforms, so at the moment there’s no crossplay. However, the game’s FAQ suggests there’s hope, as the developer says it is looking forward to “exploring crossplay options in the future.”

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DC Universe Online crossplay | Can PS4, Xbox One, and PC users play together?

It’s not just the Nintendo Switch that’s being isolated from other DC Universe Online servers, as the Xbox One version is also on a completely separate server from the other versions, and so does not have crossplay. However, the good news is that the PC and PS4 versions of DCUO absolutely do have crossplay, in fact both of these two platforms run on the same server, so it happens naturally. That explains why Metropolis feels so crowded.