Dauntless Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges | August 9-15

Dauntless released back in May 2019 and, like most free-to-play games, is offering players a set of weekly challenges that they can complete in exchange for rewards. The Dauntless Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges reset every Friday, meaning there is a new set of challenges out today for players to complete. Completing the challenges will earn players Gleaming Pearls and will help them level up their Hunt Pass. There are a total of four challenges available to players this week. Here are the Hunt Pass Challenges for the week of August 9-15.

Dauntless Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges | August 9-15

Dauntless Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges

This week’s Hunt Pass Challenges are all about killing Behemoths with different weapons. Completing each challenge will earn players 150 Gleaming Pearls, meaning that players can earn a total of 600 Gleaming Pearls if they complete the full set of challenges.

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Gleaming Pearls can be used to level up your Hunt Pass. Each new level requires 100 Gleaming Pearls and offers players cool cosmetic rewards upon reaching new levels. This means that if you complete this week’s Dauntless challenges, you can level up six Hunt Pass Tiers and earn some awesome cosmetic items for your Slayer along the way.

Below are the Dauntless Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges for August 9-15:

  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Blaze Weapons
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Hammers or War Pikes
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Axes or Swords
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Terra Weapons

As you can see, you’ll need to use a variety of weapons to complete this week’s set of challenges. Dauntless has been pretty popular since its release, reporting over 4 million players across all platforms during its first month. Perhaps one reason it has been so popular is that it was the first game to offer true cross-platform play at launch. If you haven’t hopped into Dauntless yet, you can download it from your respective platform store for free.