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All New Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

It’s time for you to see what Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins you can get ahead from the Iron Crown Collection Event. The limited-edition celebration, which will feature Solos mode for the very first time, brings new outfits for each character. If you want to see what cosmetic your main could wear during the event, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Apex Legends Iron Crown skins guide to see all of the new outfits that will be on offer over the next fortnight.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Bangalore

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Unlike her fellow legends, Bangalore’s Iron Crown skin is only ranked as Epic. The Nerves of Steel outfit is predominantly silver and black but has some red definition around certain edges of the costume.

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It isn’t one of the fancier skins on offer, but Banglore players will want to get their hands on this. It’s still pretty cool looking and offers a futuristic vibe that many other outfits avoid. It’ll help you to blend into the battlefield if nothing else, and should make you harder to pick out than your opponents.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Bloodhound

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Next up is Bloodhound. This outfit is called The Centurion Legendary Bloodhound skin, and it looks very gladiatorial.

Adorned in dirty gold armor, Bloodhound’s outfit comes equipped with a lovely red feather number protruding from the helmet. A black belt with ammo and other item belt satchels can be seen around the waist, while a brown bandolier is draped across Bloodhound’s left shoulder and chest.

Black under armor should keep Bloodhound even safer from all of those bullets, and a very cool looking gold piece of back cling will be available to carry your extra guns and health items. Finishing off Bloodhound’s new skin is a pair of gold plated boots, which is to be expected with such a stunning outfit.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Caustic

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Like Bangalore, Caustic’s outfit is only ranked as Epic. The Barrel of Laughs skin is similar in design to Bangalore’s but adds a splash more color to make it pop a bit more than his opponent’s.

Caustic’s outfit is mostly black but comes with some nice features and details. The brown lining adds a subtle touch to proceedings on his boots and around the costume’s edges. His gas canister is still yellow and red, which offsets against the rest of the skin well too. Finally, a daub of white facepaint underneath his gas mask adds to his formidable stare. We certainly wouldn’t want to come across him alone at night.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Gibraltar

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Of the Iron Crown skins, Gibraltar’s is perhaps the most colorful and outlandish. Indigenous in tone, the Call to Arms Legendary costume is probably our favorite out of this new bunch.

Gibraltar’s left shoulder pad and iconic shield are painted blue and have some extremely cool detailing on them. Brown bearskin under armor acts as a nice contrast to the white feathery part of his clothing, while gold and light blue metallic boots also look very extravagant.

Finally, a blue, gray, and gold backpack is finished off superbly with a pair of eagle wings adorning the top. If you aren’t wearing this outfit if Gibraltar is your main, you’re missing out.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Lifeline

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Another on our favorite skins list is the Judge Jury Executioner Legendary Lifeline skin. It might not look all that impressive initially, but taking a good look at this outfit really shows off how awesome it is.

A mainly black and brown colored costume, this outfit’s details really bring it to life. The gold armor on Lifeline’s right shoulder and arm, silver wing detailing around the ribs, old-school rucksack, gold neck decorations, and white face paint are all excellent features. We imagine you’ll be using this skin for the next few months if Lifeline is your main.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Mirage

Going all-out with a pirate theme is Mirage. The Captain Bamboozle Legendary skin is another fairly colorful ensemble, and a little Jack Sparrow inspired in our opinion. A bright red jacket and headband are this outfit’s distinctive features, while the gold coin-esque details along his sleeves are pretty neat too.

Bandoliers of ammo and throwing knives are draped across his chest and shoulders, while black trousers and brown pirate boots complete the look. Be sure to pick up all of that gold-colored loot as this version of Mirage.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Pathfinder

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

The War Machine Legendary Pathfinder skin is a completely white ensemble that’s very much in keeping with their, well, robotic features.

The most notable feature on Pathfinder’s new outfit is the bright, yellow sun in the center of his chest. Taking up residence where the happy/sad face usually sits, it stands out perfectly against their white attire.

Other prominent features on this all-new Pathfinder skin are their orange toes, futuristic-looking helmet, extra chest artwork in a muddy green color, and lion head imprints around their robotic hips. Very dapper for an event known as the Iron Crown, we think you’ll agree.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Wattson

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Next, we have The Warrior Empress Legendary Wattson skin. Inspired by Asian emperors, this colorful number is sure to make you stand out on the battlefield.

Light blue armor is contrasted with red under armor, and the detailing on Wattson’s new attire is as stunning as Gibraltar’s. Dark green gems line her headband, chest plate, and gloves, while the gold accents on the costume’s edges really make it pop. The detailing is also present on the tech that Wattson carries around with her, just in case anyone thought it would be left out.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins | Wraith

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Finally, we have the Protector of the Void Legendary Wraith skin. This is more in keeping with Bloodhound’s than Pathfinder’s, but it’s cool nonetheless. Sporting a shorter blonde haircut, Wraith wouldn’t look out-of-place in ancient Rome. Her new ensemble is predominantly purple, but it’s laced with gold and red to give it a regal feel.

Giant armor shoulder pads that look like they could be used in modern-day football matches and a brown belt with gold buckle are the standout features of this skin. Her face is painted with a red crisscross pattern too, which lends itself to the Roman theme we think she’s going for.

Like Bloodhound, Wraith has a gold back bling cosmetic that looks like it’ll help her to continue traveling between portals with ease.

Apex Legends Iron Crown skins | How to unlock

Apex Legends Iron Crown Skins

Unfortunately, you can’t get these outfits simply by winning matches. Like other cosmetics in the game, you can earn them through Apex Packs, but the community isn’t exactly happy with how they’ve been implemented.

Each Collection Event pack gives you a 50% chance of earning an Epic or Legendary item, but these won’t always be character skins. You can earn any of the 24 Iron Crown cosmetics from these, so it could take you a while to find the skin for your main.

That’s where the problem lies. You can get two free Collection Event packs by completing event challenges, but you have to stump up real-world money to complete the rest of your Iron Crown collection. As you’ve probably guessed, players are annoyed at this cash grab from EA and Respawn and have taken to Reddit to voice their anger. It won’t change anything though so, if you want the skin for your favorite character, you might have to pay to get it.