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Madden 20 Stiff Arm | How to stiff arm

With the NFL regular season getting ready to get into action, a lot of players are booting up Madden 20 in anticipation for the kickoff of football season. If this is you, then you’ve likely found yourself in some situations where you’d really like to stiff arm your opponent into the dirt. We’ve all been there, you’re getting ready to run into the end zone with a defender closing in on you getting ready to steal your glory. However, instead of getting tackled, you stiff arm him into the ground and begin your celebratory touchdown dance. In order to have a moment like that, you’ll want to know how to preform the Madden 20 stiff arm move.

Madden 20 Stiff Arm | How to stiff arm

Madden 20 Stiff Arm

In case you’re not familiar with the move, a stiff arm is a move where players fend off a defender by extending their arm towards them, to keep the defender from getting too close and ideally allows the ball carrier to break away. It is typically used by the running back when they are trying to get around a defender. However, it is also used from time to time by quarterbacks and wide receivers. This is an easy, quick move that every player should have in their arsenal and can help you break free of a defender to run for some extra yards.

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Thankfully, performing a stiff arm in Madden 20 is super simple and will be easy to remember. For those playing on PS4, the ball carrier will need to hold X when they want to stiff arm a defender when the defender is near. For those on an Xbox One, players will need to hold A to perform the Madden 20 stiff arm move. Stiff arms aren’t a guaranteed way to shake off the defender, but it can definitely help you get past some of them and earn a few extra yards. After all, as Al Pacino says in Any Given Sunday, “We can climb out of hell, one inch at a time.”