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Madden 20 Lateral | How throw a lateral

We’ve all been there: One play left, your team is down on the scoreboard and needs a miracle to pull off the victory. This is when the Madden 20 lateral comes into play. Often the black sheep of football, the lateral pass is something that you don’t see too often, but when it works, it raises the hype levels through the roof. Odds are at some point in your Madden 20 career you’re going to want to throw a lateral. Instead of waiting until you’re in a sticky situation to try and figure it out, take a quick look at how to throw a lateral in Madden 20.

Madden 20 Lateral | How to perform a lateral pass

Madden 20 Lateral

Throwing a lateral pass doesn’t come without its risks. Since you’re not throwing the ball forward, a lateral is still considered a live ball. This means that if you throw a bad pass and the ball falls onto the field, it’s a fumble. Additionally, since you’re throwing the pass behind the line of scrimmage, you won’t have many players available to jump on the ball if you fumble, meaning you might turn over the ball and give up a touchdown if a defender is able to scoop it up and run it back to the end zone.

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Now that you have been informed of the risks, it’s time to learn how to throw a lateral in Madden 20. It’s actually rather simple, which is good since the consequences of a bad pass could be catastrophic. To throw a Madden 20 lateral, press and hold LB on Xbox One or L1 on PlayStation 4. As you press the corresponding bumper, you’ll see a line appear on the field, allowing you to aim the lateral. Once you’ve lined it up, release the button and let the ball fly.

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