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How to fix the Madden 20 kicking meter glitch

After scoring a touchdown, players are able to kick an extra point to give themselves a total of seven points after scoring a touchdown. However, a Madden 20 kicking glitch is preventing the kicking meter from showing up on the screen sometimes after scoring a touchdown, making it impossible to kick the extra point. This is obviously frustrating, because every point matters, especially late in the game. Some players are finding themselves down by six points and needing a touchdown and the extra point to win. However, thanks to the kicking meter glitch, if you score a last-second touchdown, kicking an extra point to win might be impossible. This is leaving a lot of players wondering how to fix the Madden 20 kicking meter glitch.

Madden 20 Kicking Meter Glitch | Why can’t I kick an extra point?

Thanks to a YouTube video from PC-aka FredDavis, players can see exactly what the kicking meter glitch looks like in Madden 20. As you can see in the video below, the glitch is simply causing the kicking meter to not show up at all. It’s not that players cannot stop the meter in the proper place, it’s that the meter simply does not appear on the screen.

As you would expect, this is obviously a frustrating issue for players. One positive note is that players are still able to attempt the extra point, but they have no clue where the kicking meter is, causing them to miss the majority of their attempts. This issue seems to be happening mostly for those playing on PC, but some comments on the YouTube video confirm that is is happening for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players as well.

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This obviously begs the question, is there a fix to the Madden 20 kicking meter glitch? Unfortunately, EA has not offered a fix to the glitch yet, but there are two helpful tips that have been offered up by the community. The creator of the YouTube video, PC-aka FredDavis, suggest that players on PC try pressing the ALT and Tab buttons on their keyboard. However, it remains unclear if this works 100% of the time.

Another suggestion thrown out on Reddit suggests that players change their antialiasing settings from MSAA to FXAA in the graphics settings tab. However, this only seems to be working for some players. Bugs are a frustrating part of any game, but unfortunately, they almost always exist no matter what the game is. Hopefully EA will be able to address this Madden 20 issue in the near future and provide a fix for players.