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No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing to desktop fix

No Man’s Sky has grown an incredible amount in the last couple of years, especially considering the rocky launch the game had. It just got its biggest update in the form of No Man’s Sky Beyond, which adds VR, expanded multiplayer, and a whole lot more. However, with any update of this size there are bound to be issues too. Some players on PC have reported that the game crashes in certain points. Is there a No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing to desktop fix? Let’s have a look.

What causes No Man’s Sky Beyond to crash to desktop?

While crashes are common in many PC games, the general hope is that they’re all one-offs, and don’t frequently happen. If that’s the case, then there’s either something wrong with the game or your PC, and neither are good. This particularly crash occurs in No Man’s Sky Beyond, more specifically in the new Nexus hub area for multiplayer. You don’t even have to do anything special, the game will just crash, perhaps due to the new multiplayer not working correctly. Is there a fix, though?

Is there a No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing to desktop fix?

At the moment, this crashing problem seems related to No Man’s Sky Beyond‘s new ambient multiplayer, which has only just been patched in. Unfortunately, at this time there doesn’t appear to be a specific fix. If you’re in the Nexus area already and are experiencing constant crashing, the best solution is to head to your ship and leave the area as soon as your game loads. Hopefully you can make it out before a crash happens.

Alternatively, some players have reported that standing still and not moving at all when the game first loads and you spawn in can help. You only have to stand still for about ten seconds, which is perhaps enough time to give the game time to catch up. If neither of these work, you’ll just have to wait for the next patch.