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No Man’s Sky Beyond not launching fix

If No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing issues are getting you down, preventing you from booting up and enjoying the latest update to the game, don’t give up hope just yet. We have a list of game not launching fixes on PC that should hopefully get you up and running. If you’ve installed the latest patch for the game, which features a number of bug fixes, following our instructions is your next best bet.

How to stop No Man’s Sky crashing?

No Man's Sky Beyond not launching fix

While some lucky gamers are getting No Man’s Sky to work immediately, with no need to troubleshoot, many other users are struggling to play the game because of crashing issues. Exceptionally unlucky individuals can’t even boot the game on PC, with No Man’s Sky not loading at all.

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Below you’ll find helpful suggestions on how to stop No Man’s Sky crashing. These are specific to the PC version, as Xbox One and PS4 players only have the option of rebooting their system and reinstalling the game.

These crashes can happen with no error message, which can make troubleshooting the problem even more difficult. If your game is crashing after the “Hello Games” and “Havok” screens, try the following fixes:

  • Update your Nvidia or AMD graphics card drivers
  • If you’re running an overlay like MSI Afterburner or the Steam overlay, try disabling it and rebooting the game.
  • Go to Steam > No Man’s Sky right-click > Properties > Browse Local Files > GAMEDATA > SHADERCACHE and delete the files in that folder. Then click “Verify integrity of game files” on No Man’s Sky in your game library.

With developer Hello Games continuing to work on the game after the launch of the latest expansion, players can expect more bug fixes and other support features to be rolled out soon. Remember to install the latest update to have the highest chance of playing without crashing!