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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 27) | What’s changed in the weekly reset today?

The Destiny 2 weekly reset for August 27 is here, Guardians, and there’s plenty to take in. A new Iron Banner event is due to arrive as a replacement for the outgoing Year 2 Solstice of Heroes event. As such, you’ll need to know when the weekly reset today is and its reset time. Check out our Destiny 2 weekly reset guide to get the lowdown on this week’s changes and other details.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 27) | When is the weekly reset time today?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

We’re getting close to a change in the weekly reset time, but it isn’t this week. With no time difference yet, the weekly reset time is still 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET, and 6 PM BST. This won’t change until the Fall, and we’ll let you know when the time changes as it happens.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 27) | What’s changed in the Destiny 2 weekly reset?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

The first change you need to know about is a reset of the weekly challenges. The Ritual Reset page has all of the details for you, but you should also get an in-game message to tell you what’s new or altered.

As we mentioned earlier, the Year 2 Solstice of Heroes event has now ended. You’ve probably got your armor, Sparrow, and emblem from this event so kudos if you did. Now, a new Iron Banner event has taken its place. This limited event will run for a week and will be one of the last major events before Shadowkeep is released on October 1. There will be another three events before Shadowkeep, the next big expansion, launches, but these will drop on a week-by-week basis.

The cross-save feature that Bungie introduced last week should be running smoothly now too. If you’re still experiencing problems though, you should contact their support team. Finally, Xur has departed again but he shall return at the week’s end.