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Gears 5 Twitter Emoji | How to use the Twitter emoji

With Gears 5 just three weeks away, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of excitement surrounding its release. Often times, developers plan special surprises leading up to the launch of its game, like giveaways, desktop backgrounds, or some merchandise. The Coalition, the developers of Gears 5, decided to get creative and have arranged for a special Gears 5 Twitter emoji to appear in tweets that use the corresponding hashtag. Here is how to use the special Gears 5 emoji on Twitter. 

How to use the Gears 5 Twitter emoji

Gears 5 Twitter Emoji

If you’re on Twitter often, it’s likely that you’ve seen a variety of emojis in Tweets that aren’t available on your normal keyboard. These are Twitter emojis. They are typically created to help promote big events like the World Cup, the Oscars, or the release of a big movie like Avengers Endgame. Video games have had Twitter emojis in the past and Gears 5 is no exception.

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Displayed in a tweet from Nick Salazar, one of the members of the Gears 5 PR team, fans can now use the hashtag “Gears5” to showcase a special emoji specific to the game. It’s unknown if the Gears 5 Twitter emoji will be a lasting thing, but there are still Twitter emojis up for Endgame, so it seems safe to assume that it will last for a while. However, no one can really know for sure.

The release of Gears 5 is just around the corner and players were given some more information about the game yesterday at Gamescom 2019. In addition to the release of a new story trailer, fans were also assured that the popular Horde mode would be returning to the game, among other things. If this excites you, you might want to hop onto Twitter and tweet about it with the special Gears 5 Twitter emoji.