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Pokemon Go Gen 5 Release Date | Unova Pokemon update time

We bet you’re dying to know what the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date is. Niantic has confirmed that Unova Pokemon, who first appeared in Pokemon Black and White, will be getting patched into the smartphone game very soon. If you’re after an Unova Pokemon update time to go with the launch date, we’re here to help. Check out our Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date guide for the scoop.

Pokemon Go Gen 5 Release Date | Unova Pokemon unveiling event

Pokemon Go Gen 5 Release Date

Right then, let’s reveal when the launch date is. The Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date is Monday, September 16. We know this because Niantic revealed as much in a blog post on August 21. As part of the 2019 wider Ultra Bonus event, an Unova Pokemon unveiling event will occur on September 16.

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This will bring the first batch of Unova Pokemon to Niantic’s mobile phone title, and we already know of two who are certain to appear. Lillipip and Patrat will be among the first Gen 5 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but we don’t yet know which other critters will be part of this first influx.

In terms of when the patch will occur time-wise, the unveiling event is due to kick off at 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET, and 9 PM BST. We imagine that the Unova Pokemon update will go live before this event starts though, otherwise, there won’t be any Gen 5 Pokemon to catch during it.

The chances are that Niantic will update the game a couple of hours before the unveiling event. We’d guess that the patch will be implemented around 11 AM PT, 2 PM ET, and 7 PM BST. That should give them an hour to get the update through, allow players to download it, and make sure that Gen 5 Pokemon start appearing in the wild.

If we get confirmation on a time for this patch to occur, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Just be aware that the release date is September 16, and prepare yourself for Gen 5 Pokemon to arrive.