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Madden 20 Celebration | How to celebrate

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of sports for athletes is the celebration after a huge play. We’ve all see the elaborate handshakes, dances, or skits that players and teams have planned to showcase after a big play, so why not bring that over to video games? If you’d like to celebrate in Madden 20 after scoring the game winning touchdown, you can do so if you just to know how to celebrate. Here is everything you need to know about the Madden 20 celebration function.

Madden 20 Celebration How to celebrate after a big play

Madden 20 Celebration

If you’re wanting to celebrate before you score a touchdown, then you’ll want to remember that while you’re showboating, the ball is incredibly exposed. While it may be fun, if the defender happens to catch up to you, there is a high chance that you will fumble. Nonetheless, if you’re confident in your Madden 20 celebration abilities, you can showboat by holding LT and RT on Xbox One or L2, R2, and X on the PlayStation 4.

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If you really want to get fancy with things, you can press LT and X on Xbox One or LT and Square on the PlayStation 4 to dive into the endzone prior to crossing the line. Once you’re in the endzone, you can finish off your gloat fest by using the right stick on both consoles. There are a couple of different celebrations that players can do, so move the stick in different directions to find the perfect Madden 20 celebration.

Celebrations in sports can often get a bad rap, especially when players or teams take it a bit to far. However, what fun are sports with out a little bit of trash talk? Thankfully, EA gets that and decided to add in a celebration feature to Madden 20. Players can celebrate as they are running down the field or after they have scored a touchdown, the choice is theirs. However, celebrating doesn’t come without risks.