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Madden 20 Trick Play | Which playbook has a trick play?

Madden 20 is filled with tons of different teams, which means there are tons of different playbooks, thus tons of different plays. While the majority of playbooks are filled with your standard passing and rushing options, only one playbook has a trick play. As one would expect, this play will be high risk high reward, as there is a lot that could go right and a lot that could go wrong. This begs the question, which playbook has the Madden 20 trick play?

Madden 20 Trick Play | Which playbook has a trick play?

After fans pleaded to developers over the past few years, EA has finally agreed to add one of the most famous trick plays to Madden 20. 

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Used in the 2018 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philly Special trick play made its debut in the new football game. In what is a pretty wild play, typically used in the redzone, the ball is directly snapped to the RB, despite the QB lining up behind the offensive line like normal. The ball is then pitched to the TE as the QB sneaks to the endzone. As the play develops, in theory, the QB will go unguarded and will be wide open in the endzone to receive a pass from the TE. In it’s first appearance in Super Bowl LII, the Philly Special was successfully executed, making Nick Foles the first player in Super Bowl history to catch and throw a touchdown.

As one would expect, this play has been immortalized in the Philadelphia Eagles playbook and has finally made its way to video games. The Madden 20 trick play can be found within the Eagles playbook in the game. There isn’t anything special you need to do in order to find it, as it will appear under the “Trick Play” tab in your playbook. As we mentioned earlier, these kinds of plays can be quite risky, but sometimes, the reward is worth the risk.