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Madden 21 Servers Down | Is it under maintenance?

Are the Madden 21 servers down? If you’ve failed to get online in the new NFL game from EA Sports, it might be because of server maintenance. Read on to find out if there is any Madden NFL 21 server maintenance or not. Discover below, too, if there is anything you can do to stop Madden 21 server downtime and get back online in its Ultimate Team and other modes. No one wants to be out of online matches for too long, after all.

Is there Madden 21 server maintenance?

Madden 21 servers down

The Madden NFL 21 servers are more-than-likely down for maintenance. If you’re here reading this, the development team has likely put the game down for some server maintenance, which means online-play downtime. Unfortunately, if the Madden 21 servers are down for maintenance, there is nothing you can do about it except for waiting for them to go back online. Fortunately, there are a few ways of knowing if the game’s servers are down for maintenance or not.

Are the Madden 21 servers down? | How to find out

There are a few ways of finding out if the Madden 21 servers are down for maintenance or not:

  • Head to @MaddenNFLDirect on Twitter
    • This Twitter account should post updates on server maintenance downtime dates and length
  • Check on DownDetector

If you try to play some online Madden but are unable to connect, try the websites linked to above. Both should let you in on any official downtime or ongoing server problems. If the servers aren’t down for maintenance or currently suffering problems, you cannot connect because your internet is currently down. Refresh your router and try again if this is the case.

While the servers are down, however, you can always play through the game’s story mode and choose between ten different College Teams. You can always play local multiplayer and single-player modes while waiting for the servers to come back online.