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How to heal in Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha

When you first start playing in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alpha on PS4, you might wonder why your health isn’t coming back, and why health regen appears to have been completely disabled. Well, that’s because it has! How to heal in the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha Gunfight mode, and how to heal in the rest of the main game, are actually very different. You see, Gunfight is treated as a more hardcore variant, where players have to carefully monitor their health. What’s more, the health of your teammate and enemies are both viewable at the top of your screen, so all players are able to see how hurt everyone is. This is vital information for knowing when to push or play it safe.

Healing in the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha Gunfight mode

How to heal in Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha

While there is no traditional health regen game mechanic to be found in the Gunfight game type, it is still possible for players to heal themselves. With the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha randomizing loadouts, players will occasionally find themselves equipped with a Stim.

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Similar to the Stim used in Black Ops 4, the Modern Warfare 2019 version can be used to heal in Gunfight. However, this version of the Stim takes much longer to use, but has the added benefit of restoring player health immediately to full.

If you find yourself low on health in Gunfight, and you’re lucky enough to have a Stim, then you’ll want to find a quiet place to use it. This equipment can help turn the tide of battle in a particularly nasty round. On the other hand, it can result in you getting killed as you hastily try to use it.

Developer Infinity Ward is no doubt keeping a close eye on the community reaction to the Stim, so it’s possible that it could change before the beta or launch.