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Minecraft Heart of the Sea | Explanation, location, and Conduit building guide

The Minecraft Heart of the Sea item is one that has had a bit of a strange history. When it was first introduced to the game, it had no purpose. However, now, it can be quite valuable to players when used properly. This guide will take a look at the Heart of the Sea item and will give you a proper explanation of its use, help you find its location, and explain how to build the related Conduit.

What is the Minecraft Heart of the Sea item?

Minecraft Heart of the Sea

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This unique item is an aquatic based object that can be used to craft Conduits. If you’re unfamiliar with Conduits, these are special blocks that can be used underwater to help players see better and offer a special “Conduit Power.” With the Heart of the Sea item specifically, it can be used to craft a special underwater Conduit that will not only allow players to see better, but will also stop the breath meter from decreasing, allow for underwater night vision, and increase mining speed.

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It is important to note that these special bonuses only take place if you are within range of the Conduit. There are a couple of different Conduit builds that will offer players more or less range, based on the materials required. We will get to that later, however.

Where to find the Minecraft Heart of the Sea item?

Minecraft Heart of the Sea

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The Heart of the Sea item can be found in Minecraft in hidden treasure chests at shipwreck locations. The main way to find hidden treasure in Minecraft will require you to locate an Exploration Map. While it isn’t technically necessary, it is better than randomly swimming around in the ocean trying to find hidden treasure.

Shipwrecks can be hard to find and might take a little bit of persistence, however, if you look enough, you’ll find one. They are usually found underwater, but occasionally they can be found on land at a beach biome. If you’re having trouble, you can try feeding a dolphin. If you’re lucky, the dolphin will lead you to a shipwreck as a thank you for the tasty treats.

Once you’ve found a shipwreck, you’ll want to look for a Map Chest. Each shipwreck can have up to three different kinds of chests, so make sure you’re locating the Map Chest before you leave. However, you’ll want to look for the Treasure and Supply Chests while you’re there to get some extra goodies.

Inside the map chests should be some Buried Treasure Maps, which look like pieces of paper. Once you have these in your possession, you can use them to locate various hidden treasures, which hopefully will contain a Minecraft Heart of the Sea item.

How to use the Minecraft Heart of the Sea Item to build a Conduit

To build the Minecraft Heart of the Sea Conduit, you’ll need the following items:

  • Heart of the Sea (1)
  • Nautilus Shell (8)

Nautilus Shells can be found by fishing, killing Underwater Zombies, or bought from the Wandering Trader for five Emeralds each. Once you’ve acquired all of the materials, you’ll need to go to a Crafting Table and place the Heart of the Sea item in the middle of the table. Then, surround it with Nautilus Shells and you’ll be able to craft a Heart of the Sea Conduit.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a couple of different Conduit styles that you can build with the Heart of the Sea item. Perhaps the easiest one is a simple 20-block square, with the conduit in the middle. However, there are some other pretty wild versions that can be built to extend the range of the Conduit Power. A YouTuber named Stormfrenzy has put together a great video on building Heart of the Sea Conduits, which will show the different styles mentioned and show you how to build them.

The final thing to note is that you’ll need to build the structure that contains the Conduit with specific types of blocks. Any of the following items can be used to build the structure.

  • Dark Prismarine
  • Prismarine
  • Prismarine Bricks
  • Sea Lantern

There you have it. Once you’ve build a Minecraft Heart of the Sea Conduit, you’ll be able to build an underwater city with ease, explore, or just chill underwater with some added Conduit Power.