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Fallout 76 Vault 94 Location | Where to start the Vault Raids

Fallout 76 continues to get significant updates from Bethesda, and the latest expansion is the biggest yet, Nuclear Winter, which is introducing a battle royale mode, human NPCs, and most excitingly, Raids. The game’s first Raid is located in the previously-locked Vault 94, one of only three Vaults in Fallout 76, including the one you start in. We’ve got the Fallout 76 Vault 94 location below, so you know exactly where to go to start these new Vault Raids.

Where is the Fallout 76 Vault 94 location?

Fallout 76 Vault 94 location map

Before you even consider venturing into the world of Vault Raids, you’ll first need to know where to go. To find Vault 94, you’ll need to head far to the northeast of the game’s Appalachia map, at the border between the Savage Divide and the Mire regions. It’s just north of the mountain range on the map, and is right between the Pumpkin House, Freddy Fear’s House of Scares, and the Red Rocket Mega Stop. You could visit the entrance to Vault 94 anytime before now, but you wouldn’t have been able to get in. Since patch 12, however, that is no longer the case…

How to access Fallout 76 Vault 94 for Vault Raids

Previous to the latest patch, the lore surrounding Vault 94 suggested that only Vault ambassadors would be able to enter the Vault, with the corpses of those ambassadors carrying a code to access it. However, fortunately Bethesda has decided that this was clearly a little too complicated. Instead, players can pose as Vault-Tec maintenance engineers and just enter Vault 94 directly.

As players get close to Vault 94 an emergency beacon will activate, and they will be informed about a situation in the Vault that has to be dealt with. Players will then be able to accept a team quest that takes them into the Vault. However, the one thing that is really required before you enter Vault 94 is having a group of up to four players, as single players will have trouble finishing the Raid by themselves. Good luck.