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Apex Legends Solo Mode Gone | Will Solos be back?

Yep, you’re now experiencing an Apex Legends Solo mode gone situation, with Solos having been removed from the game, for all PCPS4, and Xbox One players. Why would developer Respawn Entertainment remove such a popular game mode? Well, that’s because it was tied to the Iron Crown Collection event, which introduced the new game mode for two weeks. With the end of the event, comes the end of the Apex Legends Solo mode. However, there is a possibility of its return. Read on for the full details.

Why is the Apex Legends Solo mode gone?

Apex Legends Solo Mode Gone

As mentioned in the intro above, the reason that we’re in this Apex Legends Solo mode gone muddle is because the game type was linked to the Iron Crown Collection event. That two-week-long event has now come to a close, which means that the Solo mode has had to leave, too.

According to Respawn Entertainment, the Solo mode was one of the most-requested features from fans. It was on the wishlists of many and now, after a short time with the lone wolf playlist, those fans will no doubt be disappointed to see it go.

At the time of writing, players can only play in the usual trios modes, with both ranked and unranked game types being available.

Will Apex Legends Solos be back again?

It’s possible that the Apex Legends Solo mode will be back. If the mode was as popular as the developer says, then Respawn will be eager to reintroduce it, as it keeps players playing, which means more Battle Passes and Apex Packs being bought.

If you’re a frustrated fan who loved the Apex Legends Solos mode, be sure to let the developers know how much you loved it on social media and through gaming forums. With enough support from the community, it’s possible that we’ll see the Solo mode return.