WoW Classic AFK Timer | How long until you go AFK?

The release of the WoW Classic server is bringing a lot of joy to players who’ve pined for the old days, but it is also bringing long wait times to get into the game. Due to a high amount of players wanting to hop on the server, there are long lines if you’re trying to play. Once you get in, you’re going to want to stay in the server until you’re ready to log off for the day, so you don’t have to wait in the queue again. This means that if you have to get up for a few minutes, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t go AFK. So, how long is the WoW Classic AFK timer?

WoW Classic AFK Timer | How long until you go AFK?

If you’re one of many players wondering about the WoW Classic AFK timer, that probably means you need to leave soon to go do a chore, eat dinner, or run to the bathroom. Since a lot of players are wondering how long until you go AFK in World of Warcraft: Classic, we decided to take a look.

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Players on Reddit are reporting that you’ll have at least 30 minutes before you are kicked off of the servers for being AFK. However, some say that it could be as long as 60 minutes because it will take you back to the character selection screen after the first 30 minutes, and then kick you off the server for good after another 30 minutes. However, the 60 minute AFK timer has not been confirmed. This means that you should at least have a solid 30 minutes of AFK time before you are kicked off the WoW Classic servers.

While this likely won’t give you enough time to run to the grocery store and back, it should be plenty of time to take a break to stretch, run downstairs and get a snack, or take a quick call. Hopefully this problem will go away in a couple of days once the amount of players has stabilized and Blizzard can upgrade its servers accordingly. However, for now, it seems the WoW Classic AFK timer is at least 30 minutes, if not longer.