WoW Classic Addons List | Questing, Map, Bag, Auction House

Looking for a WoW Classic addons list? Although this throwback version is pretty new, there are already some World of Warcraft Classic addons already available for players to use. You might want a questing addon, a map addon, a bag addon, an auction house addon, or even a swing timer. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! (And don’t worry, we’ve tracked down specific stuff like Classic Codex and Bagnon, too!)

WoW Classic Addons List | Classic Codex/Questing Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

Classic Codex is an absolutely essential mod even if you know the land of Azeroth inside and out. Most essentially, it displays both available and active quests on your minimap and world map, making it easy as pie to figure out where you need to go next. Beyond that, it also keeps track of spawn markers for NPCs, mobs, and objects that you’ll need to visit for those quests.

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That’s not all it does, mind! Classic Codex can also automatically accept and turn in quests, sparing you from having to read any of the terrible writing from the early days of World of Warcraft. A handy-dandy database also makes it super easy to track down specific quests, items, or NPCs if you happen to get a little lost.

You can get Classic Codex at WoW Interface.

WoW Classic Addons List | Atlas World Map Classic/Map Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

Classic Codex may make your map more informative, but what if you’d like it to look a little nicer? While many addon authors are focusing on utility for the early days of WoW Classic, there are still some programmers out there grinding to pretty things up a bit!

Atlas World Map Classic replaces the vanilla maps with a much more colorful representation of the world. It also has the benefit of having the entire map revealed from the get-go, although the plugin author says that he’s going to be adding in an option to enable to discovery mechanic if you prefer to actually visit the locations before they’re on your map.

You can get Atlas World Map Classic at WoW Interface.

WoW Classic Addons List | Azeroth Auto Pilot/Speed Leveling Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

If you think leveling is a grind in World of Warcraft, just wait until you try out the Classic version of the game. It was seriously tough at times, especially because the game lacked many of the convenience features that players take for granted today.

Thankfully, one nice dude took the time to port Azeroth Auto Pilot to WoW Classic. What does it do? Simply put, it cuts away all the cruft and helps you level up a character as fast as possible. To be absolutely clear, this is not some kind of bot or auto-walking addon; it simply tells you the fastest path to take for getting from Level 1 to Level 60.

You can get Azeroth Auto Pilot at CurseForge.

WoW Classic Addons List | Bagnon/Bag Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

Bagnon is a pretty powerful World of Warcraft Classic addon that makes organizing your inventory a cinch! What does this do, exactly? Well, it will let you view a character’s items from anywhere, to start. You can easily organize your inventory, bank, vault, or guild bank with color-coded support. There’s also a neat search engine!

What’s more, there is already support for plugins! Players have made plugins for this bag addon that let you track currencies in any window, color your scrap, skin your window with Masque, and more!

You can get the Bagnon addon over at CurseForge, but make sure you get the beta version 8.22 on the Files page! Players in the comments are reporting problems with 8.23, so make sure you watch the comments and grab the best working version!

WoW Classic Addons List | Auctionator Classic/Auction House Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

It took me a bit of looking around to find a good Auction House addon for World of Warcraft Classic. While some people really want this one, it isn’t super in-demand right now. After all, there hasn’t been enough time for the markets to really require it, but one nice guy managed to port one anyway.

Auctionator Classic makes it super easy to search through the Auction House for what you need. For example, you can find out the per-item price of an entire stack, saving you from having to break out the calculator app. This addon also makes it super easy to rapidly buy or sell items in bulk, saving you the trouble of having to manually create a bunch of auction listings.

You can get Auctionator Classic at WoW Interface.

WoW Classic Addons List | WeaponSwingTimer/Swing Timer Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

If you’re looking for a Swing Timer Addon, there is thankfully a functional one that already has many of the basics covered! On the off chance you’re out of the loop, a “swing timer” is a Wow Classic addon that does something really simple: it adds a bar that tracks when you’re going to swing your weapon. The WeaponSwingTimer addon tracks a bunch of different weapons, including:

  • Main Hand weapon
  • Off Hand weapon
  • Hunter Auto Shot timing
  • Hunter castable shots timing
  • Want shot timing

Although World of Warcraft Classic is like a turn-based RPG in many respects, it does also have real-time aspects as well. Players might want to know when they should back off or activate certain offensive or defensive abilities at the optimum time. This World of Warcraft Classic addon also keeps track of your target’s weapon swing timers, so you’ll have the scoop on when you need to activate protective abilities!

You can grab WeaponSwingTimer at CurseForge.

WoW Classic Addons List | Gatherer/Herbalist Addon

Wow Classic Addons List

Gatherer holds a special place in my heart as it does something very simple (and very useful). Simply put, it highlights herbs and minable ore on the map, making it a lot easy for Herbalists and Miners to track down the goodies they need.

Get Gatherer at LegacyWoW and rake in the auction house profits in no time!