How to complete the WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm Quests

There are tons of different quests and missions throughout World of Warcraft: Classic. Perhaps one of the “easy” yet hard missions to complete are the Ragefire Chasm quests. There are a couple of different parts to this quest and our guide will take you through each part to ensure that you complete them all. Here is everything you need to know about completing the WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm quests.

WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm Quests | What are they?

Home to a handful of Troggs, the Ragefire Chasm is a dungeon that players will need to enter as part of the quest. In World of Warcraft lore, Ragefire Chasm was discovered by Gazlowe, a Goblin Engineer. It is located beneath the city of Orgrimmar and is filled with lava and enemies, forcing players to choose their moves wisely. Since its discovery, it has been overrun with Troggs, who have declined a peaceful existence with the Tauren people.

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Within the Ragefire Chasm dungeon, there is also a cult known as the Searing Blade, which is a part of the Shadow Council. It has been rumored that its leader has plans to overtake Durotar, a plot of land that lies east of Kalimdor. According to the games difficulty meter, the Ragefire Chasm quest is one of the easier missions, however, a little bit of guidance will make things go a little bit smoother.

WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm Quests | How to complete

WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm Quests

Players will be able to complete the WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm quests with a group of other players, which will make the mission a lot easier. As it is one of the easier quests in the game, you won’t need a super strong team to take on the enemies, so don’t worry if you don’t have a big group. The Ragefire Chasm quest has a Level 10 base requirement, meaning you cannot do the quest if you haven’t made it to Level 10. The only thing to note when getting together a group is that you’ll want to have a Healer in the batch. There are tons of enemies and having someone with the ability to heal players will be a necessity.

Now that you’ve got a group together, you’re ready to begin. The first task you’ll need to complete is called “Repel the Invasion” and will require you to kill Oggleflint. You should come across him once you’ve defeated a handful of Troggs. From there, you’ll want to continue through the dungeon and look for elemental mobs to defeat which will help you complete the “Elemental Tampering” quest. These enemies shouldn’t be too hard to kill if you deal with them in small groups.

From there, you’ll need to take on the Searing Blade Cultists, which are mobs of enemies that will likely require teammates to defeat. Once you’ve taken down a handful of them, you’ll get a part that is needed for the “Taragaman the Hungerer” portion of the WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm quests. Now you can keep working your way through the horde of enemies and lava until you come across Taragam himself. He shouldn’t be too hard to defeat, however, you’ll want to keep your distance because his hits deal a lot of damage. Once you’ve taken him down, this will finish off the aforementioned “Taragaman the Hungerer” quest.

To wrap things up, you’ll need to defeat the leaders of the Searing Blade. You’ll find Jergosh the Invoker close to Taragaman and Bazzalan will be located down the adjacent walkway. These fights are pretty straightforward, and once you’ve taken down the two bosses, you’ll have wrapped up the WoW Classic Ragefire Chasm quests.