Box art - Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting FAQ and Recipes

In this FAQ, we'll detail the different frame, tool, tip, and attachment types that combine to form your arsenal in Dead Space 3. At the bottom, you'll find a few of our favorite combinations.


Compact Standard Frame

Heavy Standard Frame

Compact Elite Frame

Heavy Elite Frame

Compact EarthGov Frame: A compact frame with built-in upgrades.

Heavy SCAF Frame: A heavy frame with built-in upgrades.

Weller's Compact Frame: A compact, upper tool-only frame with built in upgrades.

Hammond's Heavy Frame: A heavy, upper tool-only frame with built in upgrades.


Military Engine: fires bullets

Tesla Core: Engine built for high-current electric welding

Plasma Core: A cutting tool that fires ionized plasma fuel

Survey Charge: A seismic tool that fires explosive canisters

Pneumatic Torch: An incendiary device fueled by compressed gas.

Rip Core: A short range suspended blade tool.

Telemetry Spike: A mining tool that fires tempered alloy bolts

Hydraulic Engine: A melee tool that amplifies the user's physical force.


Compressor: This creates a more condensed and powerful projectile with the given engine. (a military engine on a compact frames turns into a high-powered revolver.

Repeater: This tip combines with an engine to create a rapid fire weapon

Precision Tip: This creates a high-powered, accurate weapon when combined with certain engines

Rail Accelerator: This tip combines with engines to form a rapid-fire spray weapon with high damage.

Directed Suspension Field: This combines with an engine to create a weapon with high distance and damage

Conic Dispersal: this combines with an engine to create a spread-shot. When used with the military engine, this forms a shotgun

Diffraction Torus: This turns the weapon engine into an area-of-effect weapon. When combined with a Plasma weapon for example, this can be applied to the ground to knock enemies back.

Directed Ejection Field: you'll use this tip if you want to recreate Dead Space 2's seeker rifle, as this tip slows a weapon, but produces high accuracy and extreme damage.


Scope: for long-range aiming

Flame Glaze: projectiles inflict minor fire damage

Ammo Box: automatically reloads your weapon after an empty clip

Ammo Sweeper: automatically collects ammo from around the environment

Stasis Amplifier: stasis has a larger radius of effect

Explosion Amplifier: explosions have a larger radius of effect

Acid Bath: projectiles are coated with acid that does damage over time

Stasis Coat: shots that land on an enemy also inflict a minor amount of stasis

Safety Guard: prevents splash damage on the user from explosive weaponry

full zoom scope: allows advanced, long-range aiming

Electric Charge: Adds charge to projectiles so that they do a minor amount of electric damage

Medic Support: health packs consumed by self also heal your co-op partner

Ammo Support: Increased clip size for both you and your partner

Damage Support: both you and your co-op partner do more weapon damage

Stasis Support: stasis packs recharge both you and your co-op partner's stasis module

Overclocked/Supercharged weaponry:

These can only be found by replaying and completing objectives again. The rewards are well worth it though as they boost certain aspects of your weaponry.

Our favorites:

Note: these are just suggestions and your own play style will likely determine your favorite guns. Also note that heavy and compact frames can produce different types of weapons. Finally, remember that accessory attachments affect the entire weapon, not just the upper or lower tools they may be attached to. These recipes follow this structure:

Frame > Upper Tool > Upper Tool Tip > Lower Tool > Lower Tool Tip > Accessory 1 > Accessory 2

Hammond's Heavy Frame > Telemetry Spike > Diffraction Torus > None > None > Acid Bath > Stasis Amplifier

This acid-damage enhanced minigun also boosts your Stasis ability, meaning you can halt enemies in mid-gate, neatly perforate their limbs and walk past them before their body falls to the ground in pieces.

Compact Elite Frame > Military Engine > Default Tip > Hydraulic Engine > Default Tip > Ammo Box > Medic Support

This gun is great as a secondary weapon, and also allows for a lot of power early in your campaign playthrough. The default-tip military engine can easily dismember monsters, but any that get too close will feel the fury as you slice and dice them with the Hydraulic Engine secondary fire. Using a Compact Frame means that you have increased mobility with your bayonet-equipped uzi. The Ammo Box means you can keep slicing and dicing, even after you've used up a clip. Medic Support is in this recipe just so you get along with your co-op partner.

Heavy Standard Frame > Tesla Core > Direct Suspension Field > Plasma Core > Diffraction Torus > Stasis Amplifier > Ammo Box

This weapon is all about knocking enemies down once and never having to worry that they'll get back up. The Directed Suspension Field means that the electrified bolo stick to the surface you shoot at. Laying one on the ground is already a huge threat for pursuing Necromorphs, but using the plasma core's diffraction torus gives you a weapon that's extremely effective at knocking down groups of necromorphs at a time. Once they're on the ground, stick a bolo next to them and watch the limbs fall off.

If you're still looking for inspiration, check out the blueprints in-game as those recipes come straight from the source: the developers at Visceral Games.