How to complete the WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon

With tons of different places to explore, World of Warcraft: Classic offers essentially unlimited things to do. One place to explore is the Wailing Caverns dungeon, which offers a variety of rewards to those who are willing to enter. There are tons of different things to do within the Wailing Caverns dungeon, such as enemies to fight, routes to explore, and items to harvest. However, the main goal is to defeat the four Fanglords and awaken Naralex. Here is everything you need to know about how to complete the WoW Classic Wailing Caverns dungeon. 

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon | Naralex

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon

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Located within the Northern Barrens, the Wailing Caverns dungeon was discovered by a night elf named Naralex. What once used to be home to natural springs now reeks of foul waters and deadly enemies. After he first discovered the dungeon, Naralex, thought he could use the underground springs to restore the Barrens, however, doing so required siphoning energy from the Emerald Dream. Despite concerns, Naralex carried on with his mission, which soon took a dark turn, and transformed a vibrant cave into a soul sucking dungeon. Rumor has is that Naralex is still trapped inside the dungeon somewhere, along with his former servants who have turned into Druids of the Fang.

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Aside from its haunting backstory, the Wailing Caverns are home to some rewards that will make exploring well worth your time. Additionally, the dungeon can be explored solo if you are at Level 35 or more. The WoW Classic Wailing Caverns dungeon is filled with Bind of Pickup items, which means they cannot be traded or sold once you’ve picked them up. Even ordinary items that are found within the dungeon can be sold for a nice chunk of silver.

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon | Lady Anacondra, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Pythas, and Lord Serpentis

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon

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There are a variety of enemies to take on and quests that can be accomplished within the Wailing Caverns dungeon. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to explore some of the different enemies that can be found, mainly the four leaders of the Fanglords. One thing to note before you enter the dungeon is that you’ll want to have as much bag space available as possible before you enter, because there will be tons of stuff to pick up along the way.

One of the first enemies that you’ll find is Mad Magglish, who you’ll need to find for the “Trouble at the Docks” quest. Magglish will be a little tricky to locate because he can appear in three different places and is invisible. Nonetheless, you’ll find the first Magglish location by going right at the first T shaped intersection. If you don’t find him there, go back to the intersection and take a left, until you find another intersection. There should be an option to go left, straight, or right. Going straight will lead you to the Instance entrance, while going left or right will lead you to a dead end which could be where Magglish is hiding.

After you’ve dealt with Magglish, head back to the path and continue straight to enter the Instance, where you’ll need to make you way past some enemies until you meet the first of four Fanglords, named Lady Anacondra. Defeating her will require you to avoid a constant Sleep spell, which can be counteracted with a Shaman. Defeating her often yields a Serpent’s Shoulders drop as well as completes the Ebru and Nalpak quests.

Once you’ve defeated Lady Anacondra, head west along the river where you’ll meet a turtle named Kresh. He is a non-aggressive character that won’t give you any trouble and could offer some profitable rewards. Players can kill him for a chance to get a blue shield, tame him, or simply ignore him. Once you’ve finished with Kresh, head up the path from Kresh’s pool and you’ll end up in a large room with random enemy spawns. Work your way through the room to find Lord Cobrahn, the second of the four Fanglords. This fight shouldn’t be too difficult and could reward you with the Robe of the Moccasin item.

After you defeat Lord Cobrahn, jump off the cliff and you’ll find yourself in the room where you decided to go west to meet Kresh. This time, go east and you’ll make your way down a confusing corridor with various paths. Check your map constantly and look for a fork that leads to the east, far off the part. Remember where the intersection is, then head down the eastern path. Eventually, you’ll run into Lord Pythas, the third Fanglord. He is the hardest of the four Fanglords and will likely take a bit to defeat.

From there, go back the way you came (to the fork) and and take the other branch. After climbing along a cliff edge for some time, you’ll come to a gap that you’ll need to jump across. Keep going and you’ll eventually meet Lord Serpentis and Verdan the Everlving. Serpentis, the fourth and final Fanglord. Serpentis shouldn’t be hard to take down, but Verdan the Everliving could take some time. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll have cleared the east side of the Instance. After they are dead, you can jump through a hole on the right side of the cliff where you found Verdan. You should land in a pool of water close to the main entrance.

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Dungeon | Awaken Naralex

Now that you’ve taken down the four Fanglords,  you’ll be able to speak with the Tauren Druid, Muyoh, at the entrance to the Wailing Caverns dungeon, in order to awaken Caralex. You’ll need to escort Muyoh through the dungeon, keeping him alive, until you reach Naralex. You’ll need to protect Muyoh while he awakens Naralex, which will require you to fight off a handful of enemy spawns. You’ll eventually have to fight Nutanus the Devourer, the final boss, who could take a while to defeat. Upon his defeat, you’ll have completed the WoW Classic Wailing Caverns dungeon and will have woken up Naralex.