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Man of Medan Pictures Guide | Where to find every Premonition

If you’re stuck trying to find every Premonition, our Man of Medan pictures guide is here to give you a hand. The images in Supermassive Games’ survival horror title can give you hints about upcoming events. They show possible scenarios about character deaths or ways to survive them, so they’re very useful in keeping your crew alive. To work out where the locations of each painting are, you’ll do well to read our Man of Medan pictures guide.

Man of Medan Pictures Guide | How to get every Premonition

man of medan pictures guide

This Man of Medan pictures guide will tell you where you can find each image in the game. Some are very easy to locate, but others are dependent on what characters are alive and the choices you make. There are 13 pictures to find, so let’s get straight into it.

High and Dry

You’ll find this one as Alex during the “Wreck” section of the game. Simply head below deck, and check out the wall that’s immediately to his left. You will get a button prompt when you look at the picture, too, so you’ll know it’s the right one you’re looking at.

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Cut and Run

Found during the “Uninvited Guests” chapter while you play as Fliss. While Alex and Julia are diving, head below deck and make way to the back of the Duke of Milan. Before you will be three rooms: Head into the left side one, and you’ll see the picture hanging on the wall.

Devil and the Deep

This is located on the sunken warplane during the “Dive” chapter. As Julia, use your flashlight to scout around before you head through the first plane opening. The painting is on your left.

In the Offing

You’ll be in control of Alex or Conrad here. It can be found during “An Escape,” and is in the crew’s sleeping quarters once you find a way out of the locked room.

Head past the crew’s beds in this area and to the very back left of the wall. You will see a slim locker and what looks like a bookshelf next to it. The painting is on one of these shelves.

Cut of Your Jib

Found while playing as Alex during “Caskets.” Make your way to the dining hall and make sure that you search it thoroughly. If you look around enough, you’ll come across a couple of tables and benches that have been misplaced and, behind these, there will be a message board. The picture is to the right of this.

Close Quarters

This is easy to find. Playing as Fliss during the “Danny” chapter, you’ll come across this painting as you make your way down a very narrow hallway. Fliss will stop to look at it, but get pushed on by Danny.

After he runs away during the cutscene, head back to the narrow hallway before you press on. You can now view the image properly.

Copper Bottomed

This image can be missed as it depends on whether Brad is found on the Duke of Milan or not. If he isn’t, you’ll gain control of him during “Finding Friends.”

You’ll come across an area that requires Brad to push a box to a wall in order to climb through a small gap to another part of the ship. Once you begin heading down a long corridor, head into a room to your right. The picture is hanging on the wall across from the doorway.


During “The Ritual,” head to a room that the side of the stage while playing as Fliss. This is the area with the grand piano and round tables. You’ll know you’ve found the right room as there’s a lever next to it. Head inside here before you activate the lever to find the picture.

Plain Sailing

Another missable one as you’ll need to have kept Conrad alive up to the “Glamor Girl” chapter. After Conrad sees the spooky lady, head into a room to your left. Head into the adjacent room and it’s immediately on your left.

Ship Shape

This is also missable. You’ll need to play the Curator’s Cut or Shared Story mode to get it, and have Brad and Fliss working together on “Glamor Girl.” Get the NPC, or both players, to open a heavy door. Head to the back of the room, and the picture is hung on the right wall.

Loose Cannon

During “Distress Signal,” have Alex enter the captain’s control room. Walk around the map until you reach a doorway that you have to pass through to get to the radio. The picture is on the right wall before this doorway, so you can’t miss it.

Know the Ropes

Before you fix the generator during “Depths,” head down a concealed path next to the railing and in front of the generator. You’ll see a dead body propped up behind the generator that shows you’re in the right area. The picture is on the back wall ahead of you.

A Little Hope

The final one in our Man of Medan pictures guide, found during “Olson,” is only possible if Alex and Julia go down the hole first during “Distress Signal.” After using the radio, pick the dialogue option that makes Alex go down instead of Brad.

After the others hear gunshots, one will go and investigate the noise. Head through the sleeping quarters and the picture will be on the right wall. This one gives a little hint about the next installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology, so this Premonition has no bearing on Man of Medan. Still, it’s a cool Easter Egg.