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Astral Chain 1.0.1 Update Patch Notes | Day One Patch

The Astral Chain 1.0.1 update patch notes have now been published on the official Nintendo Support site. This new Nintendo Switch update should begin to download upon the insertion of an Astral Chain game cartridge, or when attempting to start a downloaded version of the game. Once you see the new 1.0.1 patch downloading, simply wait until it has finished installing. Once complete, the game can be booted safely with players able to enjoy the latest, most polished version of the game. To learn about the day one patch changes, read on for our Astral Chain 1.0.1 update patch notes breakdown.

Astral Chain 1.0.1 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Inventory improvements

Once the Astral Chain 1.0.1 update has been installed, players will no longer have to deal with an inventory management system that lacks sorting functionality, as the day one patch adds an “Item Sort” option to the menu. What’s more, when selling inventory to shops, players can now sell multiple goods simultaneously, saving a good chunk of time.

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Game balance

It’s not specified in the patch notes, but Astral Chain‘s difficulty has been adjusted with the 1.0.1 update. All we’re told is “adjusted game balance,” so expect things to be more… balanced?!

Bug fixes

A few bugs have been squashed nice and early with this day one patch. Players who quit the game during the training mode will no longer experience crashes. In addition to this, the “Ark Tourist” order is now fixed to always allow completion. (Previously, it was possible to render the order impossible to finish.)

Autosave bug fix

One of the most significant fixes targets an issue with autosaving. If players opened the game’s menu and returned to the title screen at a specific timing before an autosave triggered, it could cause save data to be corrupted. Thankfully, this should now have been fixed with the 1.0.1 update!

Astral Chain 1.0.1 Update Patch Notes | Full list

Functional Changes and Addition

  • Added Item Sort function to the menu
  • Multiple goods can now be sold at once at shops.
  • The “Temporary Field Supply” item icon has been adjusted for visual clarity.
  • “Temporary Field Supply” items are those that can only be used during the “FILE” in play
  • When using items from the shortcut menu, “Temporary field supply” items of the same name will now automatically be prioritized and used instead.
  • Added a “Type” category to the ability codes Sort function.
  • Added a function to delete multiple ability codes at once.

General Changes

  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Fixed an issue where quitting the game during the training mode could cause lock ups.
  • Fixed an issue where specific steps would lead to the order “Ark Tourist” being impossible to complete.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the menu and returning to the title screen at a specific timing before an autosave would cause save data to be corrupted.
  • Additionally fixed several issues to allow for a more comfortable gameplay experience.