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Fortnite Zapper Trap | Release date and stats

Data miners have unearthed a new item called the Fortnite Zapper Trap. Found within the game’s files after the 10.20 update, leakers have revealed what it’ll look like, what its potential stats are, and when its release date will be. But f you don’t want to go hunting for all of that information, we’re here to provide the lowdown on what’s worth knowing. Check out this Fortnite Zapper Trap guide to get every ounce of information that there is on it.

Fortnite Zapper Trap | Stats

Fortnite Zapper Trap

Before we electrify you with the Fortnite Zapper Trap release date, let’s take a look at its stats. Unearthed by leakers such as FortTory, the Zapper Trap will be an Epic rarity item when it’s brought through in a future update.

Posting screenshots of the item in the game’s code, FortTory showed that the trap will be able to stick to walls and ceilings, as well as floors, which will make it difficult to predict when and where you could get zapped.

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In terms of its max stack size, FortTory doesn’t expect you to be able to carry any more than four Zapper Taps. This will keep things fair and prevent players from accruing too many to place in the same area. We don’t know how much damage the Zapper Trap will do and we have no word on whether it’ll cause any special status effects, such as paralyzing you.

Fortnite Zapper Trap | Release date

Fortnite Zapper Trap

As for when we could see this new item in-game, there isn’t an official release date yet. Epic hasn’t announced when it’ll be available, as you’d expect from a leaked item, but we can guess about when it’ll appear.

If the Zapper Trap is present in the 10.20 update files it’s almost certain that we’ll see it very soon. It might be too early to see it appear in this week’s update, so we’d hazard a guess that it’ll drop in the September 11 update or September 18 update instead.